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Hello dear garikfox ^^ hope you are fine regarding my old Asus Maximus VII Gene (2 sdd raid 0) with last bios 3003 do you think the last orom (i think is the last..) will work well on it ? if yes i will be happy to have your update ^^ after bios update you recommand me to use on...
you are great so fast ! thank you !!! Garik on station driver Fernando told me this : ""The Intel RST drivers and OROM/EFI BIOS modules v15.x.x.xxxx are only designed for the latest Intel chipsets from 100-Series up. The Intel RAID driver v15.0.0.1039 is installable onto Intel 8- and 9-Series Chipsets due to the universal external DeviceID DEV_2822, but not all features may be supported by them. "" my english is not perfect but i understand its better to not use with...
great thank you ^^ Garik its fresh news just now ^^ a new Intel Raid Rom (Orom/SataDriver) Version what you think about this OROM and this Driver ? if its good can you please update withe the last bios 3003 of my asus maximus VII gene ? the link of the bios: waiting this before i...
Hello dear Garik i have a Z97 asus maximus VII Gene and the last bios 3003 with your last orom. under windows 10 pro withe raid 0 2x ssd 840 pro 256gb can i use this Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Version WHQL without any trouble ? and more important its better than the version 14.x ? thank you
Hey dear Garik hope everythings is good for you do you saw this update Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Version WHQL ? its good with the last orom on Z97 ? thank you
hello to knwo if i can put on the GPU a Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. (destruct the aluminium), the stock cooler (the contact area withe the GPU) of the Nvidia GTX Titan X is in copper or aluminum ? thank you for your answer
Hello Garikfox i dont have access to the download area withe the last orom :/ can you plas make the last bios of the asus maximus vii gene withe the last orom please ? thank you a lot
hello garikfox ^^ its possible to have an bios update of my asus maximus vii gene bios 2801 withe the last orom ? thank you EDIT: oohhhh its already in the drive ! what happen you did it in advance ? ^^ thank you again ^^
oh... thank you dear garik
hello garikfox its possible to have an update of my last asus maximus vii gene bios 2702 withe the last orom ? thank you
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