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its not problem withe version ? (because i dont knwo why so many version.. habitualy you put just the lastest version ^^) thank you
thank you
Hello garikfox can you please update the Asus maximius Gene VI lastest bios (1505) withe last version of intel OROM ? (i think ?... dont knwo why all this different versions ^^) thank you a lot
hello new bios for Maximus VI Gene ^^ 1102 if its possible to have the last orom thank you ^^
hello again this last version have problem when i upload like other version withe my usb dongle withe a reset etc... and all finish i restart the computer and i have a freezing asus screen and my keybord not work.. i try other keyboard = samed problem thank you
thank you ! its look i am alone withe this board :'(
hello garikfox ^^ can you please add the last orom for this last version of bios from asus maximus vi gene ? ^^ thank you
thank you ^^
hellloo its posible please to have the lastest OROM withe this last bios of asus maximus vi gene ? MAXIMUS-VI-GENE-ASUS-0804 thank you
yes i already thinked to this too hehe ^^ but its a 1gbits i have my synology NAS on it and its 1gbits transfert beteween thene its crazy day today too many problem with hardware ^^ maybe i need to update the lan firmware but i never did this before..
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