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Hello all I need please your help to make a good and stable overclokin withe my 4790K and my Asus Maximus VII Gene. I am actualy stable on XTU stress test at 4.9Ghz vcore 1.275000v 78°c withe watercooling). i just use the multiplicator withe vcore and the memory en XMP mode withe 2400mhz and 1.6500v. I touch nothing else. (i can enter under windows at 5.0ghz but i have bug when i use XTU even i put vcore to 1.34v) i realy dont uderstand all this options in the bios...
haha i will try ! ^^ garik i dont knwo if this MB it is withe GBe 1.3 or 1.5... if it is a 1.3 do you think i can update to the 1.5 without problem the bios withe this without mess happen ? (this new one have something like a tehnology or i dont knwo what exactly but it make accelerate the nework for gaming or the ping...). if i can without problem do i need to update this each new release of bios ? thank you again
Hello it is possible to have the last RST ROM for my futur new Asus Maximus VII Gene (chip Z97) ? bios 2012 the last ^^ thank you
thank you
sorry i mean OROM
hello its possible to have the last Intel RST withe my asus maximus VI gene ? ^^ bios 1603 thank you
hello garikfox can you please update the bios of the "asus maximimus VI gene" withe last orom new bios 1603 thank you
maybe stupid question... what its the best DVI-D to connect my screen to have the best quality etc... ^^ (they are 2 x dvid-d and 1 dvi-i in the gtx 690) thank you
hello now in NVIDIA SLI i have : Disabled i use your soft and see just 1 gpu working
hello all in GPU-Z.0.7.9 i have this screen (attached picture) and when i want to see the list in the down left corner NVIDIA Geforce GTX 690 i can select only this in the list just 1 line... no another display card like the past... oh and i have only 1 off the 2 d-dvi connectors work... its normal ??? or my second GPU died ? thank you
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