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oh... thank you dear garik
hello garikfox its possible to have an update of my last asus maximus vii gene bios 2702 withe the last orom ? thank you
hello ^^ its possible to have the lastest orom for asus maximus VII Gene withe last bios 2702 ? thank you
hello ^^ need please the last bios 2601 withe last orom for my asus maximus VII Gene thank you
thank you
hello Garik ^^ can you please update the bios of my asus maximus VII Gene withe last orom and the last bios 2501 ? ^^ thank you
i realy dont knwo and i dont want to repeat the mess withe the ME firmware if you remeber
no problem and thanks ^^ question about this utility : section bios utility: Version 4.00.01 Description BIOS updater for 5th Gen Intel Core Processors Before using the 5th Gen Intel Core processors, we suggest that you use USB BIOS Flashback or download this BIOS updater to update the BIOS. how i can use this ? i need to use your moded bios ? or use the original one and after this step i use...
garik i think you dont saw my post i wrote 5 days before ^^ thank you
Hello Garik can you please update the asus maximus VI gene bios 2401 wwithe last orom ? thank you
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