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Almost missed your post. Thanks for the help!Raptor
Thanks for that info. I'll try it when I receive the o-rings.Raptor
It would be nice if someone could figure out a jerry-rig way to put a stopping device above the keycap puller to limit the amount the puller can go upward. That would prevent a sudden excessive upward pull when a stabilized key suddenly released off of the key switch. Guess a screw device like a steering wheel puller would be even better.... Thanks,Raptor
Deafboy, Thank you for your warning post. I will keep precautions in mind. Ripster, Wow, that's a terrific link you posted. Thanks for being the author and sharing the info! Paradigm84, Thanks for your post. It's comforting to know that replacement stabilizers can be purchased from wasdkeyboards. Thanks all, Raptor
Any tips on how to remove the space bar?Thanks,Raptor
I'll be receiving the o-rings I ordered any day now. Looking at a youtube video, the guy uses two paperclips on both ends of the spacebar to lift it up enough to release it from the switch. But since the switch is in the middle, wouldn't it be better to use a key cap puller just in the center of the spacebar to lift it off the switch? Or is there a reason for lifting the spacebar on both ends using bent paperclips? Thanks, Raptor
I received my Das Model S Pro with MX blue keys about a week ago. Already I'm finding that my typing speed, when posting in forums, has increased noticeably with less errors. I suspect that the next letter I type in MS Word will be noticeably faster as well. I got the Das keyboard because it has good user feedback that the keys are the proper size and spacing, and that it is an excellent keyboard for typing. I don't play games. There's no place to try mechanical...
That's really good to hear! Now I'm even hotter to get those amazon o-rings.Thanks!Raptor
I personally would hate having an 80 gram space bar. I have an old non-mechanical keyboard that I used after my Gateway 2000 Anykey keyboard died and the space bar on that old keyboard requires more pressure, probably due to it's stabilizing mechanism. I constantly had missing spaces in my text.Raptor
Thanks a lot for taking the time to post your replies qcktthfm1. I very much appreciate it. I'll order the black 50a o-rings from amazon. Have a nice week, Raptor
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