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Hey guys, before I purchase this case I had a question. Is it possible to water cool an i5 3750k and SLI gtx 680s? Could I fit enough radiators for a efficient setup? I will be doing some mild overclocking on both. Thanks!
lol I felt the same way!!
If you have been playing on a 60hz monitor, you will notice a huge difference IMO.
Hi, has the spreadsheet been updated? Thanks!
Just did an 18 hour Prime95 blend test! Set Vcore @ NORMAL with dynamic set @ +.09 Ram at 1866 9-9-9-27@ 1.39v Everything else on auto.
Just did almost 18 hours prime95 Blend!
What are your temps like with 1.28v @4.8ghz on your cpu?? Are you stable with such low volts? Or is that not full load voltage?What kind of settings did you use to get stable like that on your cpu?Nice ram, I just got the same kit. 1866mhz@9-9-9-27 don't wanna go higher as I only use the rig for gaming and surfing web.
Ok cool for some reason I thought to use one or the other but using both makes sense. Thanks!!
Hey guys wondering if its ok to set a dynamic vcore with llc set to turbo on my 3570k??
Anyone install bios f18 for ud3h yet? Something about cpu microcode...can anyone explain what that means? Thanks
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