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I actually like this mouse. I don't care for the new logo, but I am concerned about the weight. I prefer heavy mouses.
really? i just did a big flushing couple weeks back using the pond pump and water filter method. the alphacool rads weren't too bad compared to my sr1. i use to do the boiling of distilled and shake method, but using a water filter and pond pump imo is more efficient. totally overkill... but this is ocn, right?
i have. but i hardly have any time to play with it. the ddr4 kit i bought on release has gone up $130 yeesh
dang, would've preferred the wider version with the pinky rest.
i saw it on amazon 2 nights ago. if i wasn't satisfied with my deluxe, id probably would have bit. but black and red color schemes are sooo overused that it makes me nauseated. and im a die hard chicago bulls fan
no, don't want to actually. just love the way it is already.
My previous keyboard was that same Logitech model but I have since moved on to a mechanical keyboard which is a max keyboard x9 (cherry mx red). What I find interesting is your statement about how much force actuaction is needed for that keyboard. My mech is a cherry mx red and i don't need that much force for my keyboard to register the command. Really love my x9 nighthawk and absolutely love the fast response and linear feel of reds. I'd go back to best buy and switch...
this. Was really hoping this new nexus was going to be aligned with previous price points. 6' is huge, hell, anything over 5' is too big for me.I guess I'll wait for the HTC one m9 barring it's not over 5.2'
i want it! but it will cost more than my x99 setup
im glad everything has finally come to fruition for you. i too am waiting for that rog swift
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