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Figured that. My monitor and stand will be here in a couple of days. Let me know what size and length of screws you will use if you dont mind. Thanks
Did you order the ergotech heavy duty free arm? I ordered the last one orn amazon and the bracket u recommended. If so, let me know what screws u used.
Keep the card and ignore what others say. PNY is a fine brand and other reference models with reference coolers are no different. Play some games and enjoy...
That clamp arm supports 30lbs. The 404k is 21lbs so i think its worth it. I have a recliner right next to my desk to watch movies, so this will make it a lot more flexible in positioning the monitor to how i want. Plus u get more room on the desk.
Yo that arm stand looks beastly! I was thinking more of a traditional, but that looks incredible. Good thing i got rid of my cheap glass desk couple months back and got a proper one. Thanks for this. +rep
What?! I thought the 404k was pwm free. Dang, i couldve save hundred bucks by going with the amh model..............Does anyone have a recommendation for a good stand to pair with this monitor?
I like this uncle nine
Really? Well that sucks. I guess you could cool it passively with heatsinks but when i use a full cover block, i expect that to be cooled actively as well. Well amazon is sure taking their sweet time shipping the classy to me - just gonna cancel and get a reference.
Did somebody say caselabs and copper tubing? Oh boy, here we go....
But i want my block to say 980 ti classy. Is it that hard to update the name change?
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