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what are you sorry for? Thats a great pic. Its not about the device u use to take pictures, its the art of how u use it. And u took a great pic
Sorry, not selling individually due to shipping costs. Only selling items as sets.
Both ek and bitspower suck. Watercool heatkiller > ek Barrow > bitspower See, i can play that game too.
U might as well just buy a brand new sth10.
Honestly, i think you still have a pretty awesome setup. From a cost saving standpoint, the 800d is still a great case, and your current watercooling components are still top notch. I would disassemble to check your blocks and radiators and thoroughly clean it if you havent done maintenance in a while. Seeing as youre using silver kill coil, i hope your nickel plated cpu block is ok as kill coil and nickle dont mix well. I also would personally swap out the tubing for...
Nah, 35mm is the perfect top cover sma8/smh10. Standard for sth10.
HALLELUJAH!!!!! red dead redemption, mass effect 2 and the last of us were my top 3 fav games of last gen. still pissed they didn't bring it to pc and they better this time oh my god i cannot wait!!! i haven't been this excited about a game since years.
Holy smokes, screw g-sync. My next monitor must have hdr. I just bought me a lg 65 inch oled and my god! Just finished playing gears 4 and i am completely in awe.
They are easy to file down with a half round file.
I hope that new alphacool d5 pump is sata powered.
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