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*Sigh* So i accidentaly damaged the screen on my 404k. Is there anyway to salvage my monitor? Can i get a new panel?
It wouldnt be mega man if it werent
Sorry, but i dont eat pork. It sounds wonderful but im afraid its against my atheist beliefs.
That guys thick jamaican accent is making me hungry. Now im craving for some jerk chicken, salt fish and ackee
Dang, sorry to hear. Nice hardware tho
noice congrats on the cl case and welcome to the family. make sure to stop by the cl thread as folks there are always helping each other out.
cooler master mastercase5
if only it were red cherry switches. glws
most likely have to swap the 420 for a 280. unless its a real small form factor psu - u will have issues.edit: checked out ur build log and there is no way a 420 can fit with a long psu like the nex1500
oh man. real happy for kevin, but whoever is replacing him on the support aspect has some really big shoes to fill. i know cl will continue to provide excellent service, but it wont be the same without kc. godspeed!
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