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eh, i don't wanna deal with paypal and such. tbh, id rather trade hardware for hardware. if nobody bites within 2-3 weeks, ill just close this ad as it just wasn't mean to be. i love my blocks, and quite honestly don't know why im doing this. either way, ill still be happy.
yo, want to trade my 2 heatkiller titan/780 waterblocks for 2 EK-FC titan/780 CSQ/Non-CSQ plexi waterblocks straight up. have had these blocks for over a year and have done me exceptionally well - never gone over 40c when benching and gaming. im transporting my 780s to my caselab s8 case which has window panels on all sides except the rear. it would be cool to see coolant at all angles - sounds cheesy but i cant help myself. preference is the csq and nickel plated, but if...
i got it, but its copper.
Bring on the headaches
Umm... What are you asking specifically? The x99 cpu has no intergrated graphics so you will need a dedicated gpu. Nvidia does better for borderlands because of physx, so yeah, it should do fine with a graphics card. Z97 is a better option if you're building strictly for gaming and using no more than 2 Gpus.
They seem to sponsor Jayz2cents. I see sponsorships as a promotion, which evga doesn't really need.
yee . U gotta name that batch breh
I have that batch as well. Ram is coming tomorrow. How the hell does Newegg ship my ram from California to Memphis when I'm on the west coast as well
what are you going to do with your ivy bridge? part of my wants to sell my z77 setup, but its been soooo good to me for the past 2 years. i feel ashamed that i upgraded, but ive been planning for the 8 core for over a year. its just too powerful for me to do keep as a secondary, and i could sure use the money to buy mo' stuff for this expensive platform.
so jealous of your 2 tone color. dark grey is prolly my fav color, and after ordering two caselabs cases, they come out with gunmetal gray . nice work
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