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I had a 12v skil drill kick the bucket on me couple months back. Went to lowes to buy me a replacement and i ended up getting the dewalt brushless motor 20v drill and impact set. It was either that or milwaukee but i chose dewalt being lighter and ergonamically more comfortable to use. Still have to get me a step bit as im going to make couple pass throughs. Just no time to mod.
Thats a reference right? I have a heatkiller 780 block with backplate.
no dead pixels. absolutely love this monitor! can't wait for phantom pain - unfortunately, i only have 1 980 ti. need a second one asap because this thing is hella demanding.
why is this still in the rumor section?
maybe they do. im not from up here so i wouldn't know. you're wife sounds cool! all my wife did was pick out what she wanted. i couldn't even pick the paint for my office room walls. she helps me clean up a lot of my mess tho - more because shes a clean freak/ocd.
Been doing a lot of diy remodeling for my home in which i had no choice but to spend some coin buying some proper power tools. Now i can finally mod to my hearts content.
If u have a lot of dough invested your pc. Get yourself an isobar surge protector or upc.
^ this. Regardless if you have filters, the inside will always get dirty. Filters just minimizes it. Personally, i dont see the need for em. I have a datavac which i blow out my computer every other week. A datavac is a better investment than filters imo
Im getting this mobo. Didnt realize it had the extra pins for cache oc until i read sins review on tweaktown. I loathe black and red mobos - which is ironic because im a die hard chicago bulls fan - but im so glad that the red parts can easily be plasti dipped. Its the reason why i didnt get rve last year because the dimm and pcie slots are red which is a hell no in my book. Asus wont bring the black rve version until next year i think. The features in this board are...
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