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quatro post
ive had both. the acer is thinner than the asus around the sides and top but the chin or bottom of the bezel is a lot more thicker. asus is 144hz oc out of the box, acer is 60hz . you can easily overclock to 144hz with the acer in the osd, but to enable 165hz on both, you have to do it through nvidia control panel. asus is just so much more easier because its already set at 144hz and the joystick is so amazing to navigate. i was so irritated using the buttons on acer after...
Tres post
if i didn't have a dt990 and m50, id be all over this.
If im lucky, this will no doubt make me get a thw10.
Look a couple posts back. I posted pics of the one i received. Just aint meant to be.
Did u just purchase it recently? Which seller? Get a refund or swap.
man was this monitor a pita to rebox. oh well, its on its way back to amazon. good luck to everyone and i hope you guys get some good panels.
Im down for mo' cl lovin'
No need to apologize. I understand that you were holding out hope as others have had good luck with this panel. I know my comments were contradicting to each other, so i get why you would question my validity. I still think this acer xb271hu is worth trying, i just happened to strike out twice with the second being this model.
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