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uncle sam just approved my tax return that i filed. this is the only pc hardware im going to purchase this year... and i will be waiting for it
he probably ordered them yesterday for store pickup and got them today
sweet deal. but even better news... the case is on its way
is this worth picking up considering i have a dt990 pro. i know it would be a side grade at best, but ive never owned a pair of senns before.
What's your grip style? claw finger grip hybrid What's your sensitivity? 3200-5400 dpi What's your maximum budget? $60 Do you want additional buttons? no What games do you play? fps, rpg, aa Do you mind about prediction? yee Other relevant information: Input anything else you want. Some examples: LOD, ambidextrous shape, weight, wireless, non-braided cord, glossy finish, button activation force, driverless, onboard memory, etc really good build quality with some weight -...
psh... would i purchase a caselabs case? proud owner of 2 . i feel for you tho. it seems the days of ordering a case from caselabs and having it arrived within a week are long gone. hang in there, man. it'll be so worth it
sounds fun. can't wait to see your progress
don't feel bad. i didn't realize before the last mission. it's basically [[SPOILER]] it's pretty huge and flat. probably the only area where i used a horse
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