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congrats, dude. gonna see capt. america tomorrow.
that hurt my feelings
i agree. even more incentive to get another cl case
i notice that one is a 4pin. will it the 3pin still work with that pcb?thanks to both of you.
could you kindly link me to the one u are using?
any guides?im wondering if the 3 pin directly from the fan controller can control the voltage for all fans on one channel.
need some help. what splitter pcb's should i get for my lamptron cw611 fan controller? i'll be running 29 gt-ap15 fans in my s8, so idk which pcb splitters i should. i never used this much fans before, so this is a bit overwhelming for me. greatly appreciate some input. thanks
i got some extensions for my 24 pin and pcie cables. is that significant enough?
i finally got one on monday. haven't really played with it since i haven't transitioned my build onto my new caselabs s8 which this fan controller will be used for. i just wanted to make sure the fan inputs and temp sensors were working and so far so good. build quality is great, but i was expecting a bit more from the led display from its price point.
joe, man u weren't lying. whatta beauty! voted for you in the mod of the month. and i am not being biased. idk, your build was a true transformation mod. sadly, it doesn't seem to correlate to more votes. anyways, regardless of the outcome, it was a pleasure seeing your pc ever evolving. but the best part was seeing your skills getting better and better. i wish i had your confidence, patience and persistence. this modding this ain't no joke. stay up, joe. much aloha!!!
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