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thinking about selling off my haswell e parts as I don't see myself really utilizing this platform to its fullest extent or basically having the time to enjoy it. parts are... i7 5960x cpu - easily does 4.5ghz with 1.292v both aida64 and realbench stable. have not tried pushing it further as i have spent very little time with it do to school and work. asus x99 deluxe mobo - comes with everything and is in like new condition. will also throw in a evga pro sli 3-slot...
I like the design and modularity in regards to having a mobo mounted 90 degrees. Concern is build quality. I have seen a few unboxing videos regarding these cases and I have noticed how flimsy the door panels are. I don't mind plastic or steel as long as it's quality. I don't get that feeling with this case especially for that premium price.
time to upgrade the htpc
i see. well, thanks anyway for bringing this to my attention. my sam's had 10 reserved for pull tickets and i was lucky enough to be the fifth. there were about 20 people in line when i got there and i showed up a half hour early. was worried that i might miss out, but out of the 20 people before me, 4 had pulled a ticket and i was fifth. about quarter til opening 20 more people showed up and all the tv tickets were gone. i hear costco is price matching the tv as well so...
got mine! op, did you get one?
honestly, i would go the latter. it seems caselabs have been very busy this year - which is great for their business. i know it kinda sucks having to wait awhile, especially since you said you parted some of your components a bit too early - im assuming your main is down? but in the end it'll be worth it. id email them to get a clear time table if you want clarification.
my x99 deluxe still looks better
did u use a template? might have to try this. great work as always
so i saw the tv but wasn't able to change the settings unfortunately. they only had the 70' versions in stock and i asked the store associate if they were going to be receiving any of the 60' anytime soon but they weren't sure. it's a nice tv, and the colors definitely pop, but it was obviously in "store demo-mode" as the brightness was cranked up high so i couldn't see how well the picture displayed black level contrast. gonna call the other sam's club to see if they have...
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