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Asus Strix. Non-reference pcb with better components and a newer looking more efficient cooler. Usually strix cards are priced well - not that much more than reference models. Also, if youre into water cooling, ek will most likely make a waterblock seeing as they have always done for asus non reference cards.
My sentiments exactly. Asrock and evga are really making some beautiful boards for skylake. You know asus always comes with it. Msi and gigabyte have been eh...
Well u ruined it for me because i could never live long enough to save and purchase a house like that im more a house near the beach guy anyway.I really like core x9 and i that is what i dont understand why tt did what they did. I know there was some ruffles when the core x9 was released in which i personally took no offense. I thought it was a brilliant alternative to the caselabs s8 which i am a owner of.I think if tt had gone for a more cylindrical shape instead of a...
Agree with xnine. The caselab s8 w/pedestal would fit all those rads easily. That how much i have in mine.
My youre ignorant. What is your bone with cl? Go look at a mm case and a cl case and tell me where they copied outside of a square box shape
Ding! I think a lot of people here - including me - are somewhat surprised this topic has taken off. I feel cl has done really great amongst this forum and there is a lot of admiration and respect that it has built through here.At the same token, i feel cl has been to heavily featured - which isnt a bad thing - but a lot of people who arent cl owners have become somewhat begrudgingly towards the brand as you will find most build logs have a cl case. It has sort of taken...
Ooh... Pre-dell? Nice. Still dont appreciate your remarks about cl but we all have our opinions.
Complain about prices yet owns an alienware. Get out with your nonsense drivel
In winning
Wooo... In win and phanteks are killing it in the case market. This is what you call going out there and creating bold, innovative and most importantly original ideas. *therockclapgif*
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