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duuuude! where have you been, breh?
whoa. nice job there, breh. the 560 looks so much better at the top imo. now im regretting purchasing my 480 rad for the top of my smh10 . always inspiring
i think so. though it did just release a month ago, so i doubt you will see anything higher than 20% off.
waiting for that splinter cell deluxe to hit ten dollaif you have good experience, then it's up to you. for me, i despise paypal personally.
i wouldn't touch that with a 100 ft pole. not worth it, bro.
oh boy. wermad is already getting bored of his sth10. better get in line folks
haha... nice!
ugh, still waiting for mass effect 3 dlc to go on sale.
sad, but certainly understandable. besides, i think all cl cases should be flat packed. assembling a fresh cl case is way funner than filling it up with components or even watercooling for that matter.hmm... im intrigued.
My my my...
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