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Do you still have to buy the backplate separately? I hope not.
I already own the hk 3.0, koolance 380i, and ek supremacy. And I'm still going to get this block. I'm waiting for the nickel to be released. Can't wait to throw this on my cpu.
oh welp, i guess i won't be getting this after all... well, not on release or anytime soon. my oven range just went kaput - i had already changed the bottom element once - and now i have conceded to let my wife get the induction range she always wanted. since our new range is 'stainless steel' but really its just aluminum with stainless steel trim. i can already see that i had open a can of worms. the matching fridge will be delivered tomorrow and all my tax return and...
i haven't ordered anything from them in almost a year, but im shocked upon hearing what has happened. ive always had nothing but great experiences with frozencpu and i will continue to support them even in these trying times. godspeed!
this is! dang, if i had my old kit id definitely would have jumped. oh well... glws:thumb:
still waiting on this. my htpc needs a new home, so im either getting this or another s8 pedestal to replace its current case.
uncle sam just approved my tax return that i filed. this is the only pc hardware im going to purchase this year... and i will be waiting for it
he probably ordered them yesterday for store pickup and got them today
sweet deal. but even better news... the case is on its way
is this worth picking up considering i have a dt990 pro. i know it would be a side grade at best, but ive never owned a pair of senns before.
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