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sorry for those who have pm'd. i am sorry, but i will close this listing. ive decided to keep my items.
what's your budget? if your want to utilize your smartphone, you probably want to get a dedicated external dac/amp combo and not a sound card. since u are using your smart phone, im assuming you would want it to be portable as well?
bump for price drop
thanks dude!
best bet would be here. but if you really want one, you need to follow websites closely and constantly refresh for updates
i take that back. you're the coolest of the cool congrats on the cards
go bucks! o-h
exciting times for people who want to jump on these. im still satisfied with my 780's i got on launch so i can't wait to see some of you drop a deal in the marketplace () so i can pick up a third. my only regret was going reference
Omg. Now you're just rubbing it in by going to different microcenters. Not cool, bro. Not cool
payment sent
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