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yikes. i love me some caselabs, but the waiting time has become ridiculous. its primarily the main reason why im hesitant to order the upcoming x2. this has been going on for months, granted, they are still a small company, but they need to hurry up and fix this issue because a 1 month + waiting time is just too long. its crazy, i bought my first caselab case from them 18 months ago and i received my case in exactly a week later from when i ordered. those days are long...
i got two of these pumps coming on thursday. anybody running serial? whats your config like?
I ordered mine from Acer. Even though it will take awhile, can't beat dat $80 off promo code. Rather order it now than harass the Amazon product page to order.
oh my god I don't check this thread for a day and miss this opportunity. will be refreshing Acer webpage like a mugg
Just making intriguing observation.
That's funny, because I did that earlier and yet I've not made it to the cluh. It's cool, corsair club wouldn't be so stuck up. That's why corsair da best...
I remember them because they were the only ones who did blocks for the z77 mpower. I like the old school look of their blocks. I just wish mips was still around.
Cool. Also, what was your method of removing the heatsink from the I/o cover?
What did u use to make the chrome stripe?
SOLD!!! wow, that was fast lol selling 2 gtx 780 graphics cards. going to upgrade to upcoming 390x and using my 750ti as a placeholder until then. 1st is a evga 780 with backplate. selling $280 shipped. 2nd is a Zotac 780. selling $260 shipped. both are reference and both can be bought together for $520 shipped. please feel free to ask any questions. no interests in trade - only payment via Google wallet or paypal. thanks for looking.
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