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Ha! I knew you'd be back. So what case u getting? Also, I got some spare mesh grills for the flex bay. Which size u looking for? Their in white tho...
It corroded due to the fact that it could not keep up with your ever changing build You guys aren't gonna rain on my parade. Me and barrow are committed and we're going to make it work.
I get where you're coming from, but in this expensive hobby of water cooling, I'm always looking to try and get the most bang for buck.Fittings are usually one of the most expensive parts of a custom loop. So I try to find the best value. The reason I went with barrow was because of 1) cost. 2) little to no branding. 3) not mainstream. Granted, I haven't tested all of my new fittings, but the ones I've used I've been very satisfied with.No build log yet as I am waiting on...
Barrow fittings are the business. I just spent $500 worth of barrow fittings straight from China which would've been tripled the amount had I invested in bitspower. Sure, it's a blatant copy, but the quality is there. But to be honest, I really hate that bitspower logo and I don't like that they plaster it on every fitting. I'm just trying to differentiate myself in my new build. Everybody has the same components, and I like my fittings to not have any branding, that's...
How ironic and ot. I just copped me a Nikon d5500 with 35mm prime. It was time that I get a decent camera. Any suggestions for a newbie in the world of photography?
HTC one m9 crew checking in
That's nice and all. But where is dat cnc?
Man, that was my site back in 08-09. I got tired of downloading for free and ive been using paid services like spotify and now google play music for years. Thanks for the memories grooveshark. U will be missed.
Touchwiz? No thank you. I just got me a HTC one m9 for free with 1 year contract. Could've gotten an s6, but my service provider wanted a bill so I passed. It's funny, didn't Samsung mock the iPhone years back by not having a micro sd card slot and being small? Now it seems Samsung has copied Apple with the finger print scan and glass back (iPhone 4) and gone away from what made their phones known in the first place.
Audio pcb?
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