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wait, this monitor doesnt have hdr support? im sorry but a 30' monitor costing $500 more than what i bought my 65' b6. dell u buggin breh
id love to have this monitor but the specs leave alot to be desired and that early adoption price is too much. i slightly prefer performance over image quality in terms of gaming, so im very content with my ips. but movies and streaming is where i want the best image quality possible and my b6 fills that need perfectly.
breh, nice job. really diggin the colors - by chance what coolant is that? is it purple that turns white in uv or two different coolants?
i really like the tech in these new monitors but 27' for 4k? really?
oh lawdy. id love to take those corsair ml fans off your hands. if only i lived near...
i also didnt pay msrp. i had to wait couple months for a sale because i know they werent worth more than other alternatives such hori rap sticks.
word, their te fight sticks were legit. i still have my sfiv round 2 that i modded with a brooks pcb last year.its getting therei disagree. ive own two madcatz te sticks - the original te for sfiv and the latest tes+ for sfv. even tho i modded both sticks, they were great sticks out of the box.
the zotac amp non extreme are still reference pcbs right? that will be the one i settle for.
*sigh* is evga seriously making us wait til may for the ftw3 card. i guess im going with zotac
that coat of red is amazing.
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