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that coat of red is amazing.
eh... if i was into rgb, id get the g.skill rgb kits instead. dont get me wrong, i love my blue led corsair vengeance ram, but the g.skill has way more skittles effect which is the point of rgb.
why didnt gigabyte keep the same design for their xtreme gaming cards since its first release on the 980 ti. the 1080 was disappointing and the new 1080ti isnt that much better. i miss those led fan rings. im giving evga until mid april for the release of the ftw3 1080ti and pray that heatkiller make a waterblock.
id definitely prefer u guys make it for the evga ftw 1080ti but can understand if u want to try something else. i think the msi gaming would be the safest choice since its a consistent seller which makes it very popular.
id go with the gigabyte gaming 7. the only advantage id give the asus is having the better uefi bios interface. but the gaming 7 just has way more features such as the extra m.2 port, better audio dac, more ports.
i get op's point on how some just couldn't care about the aesthetics or theming of today's motherboards. there is no perfect motherboard, but there is a motherboard out there that will suit your needs. sure it may come with a color tone u wish it never had, or features u know darn well you will never use. but there are ways to alleviate those problems. im not familiar with amd motherboards, but motherboards on intel that range around $150 can overclock cpu's just as well...
that is a sweet lookin mobo. judging by the stop plugs, im assuming that the waterblock is made from bitspower. idk, bitspower tend to make some rather poor performance waterblocks compared to other brands. i guess ek and asus have gone their separate ways
hey jakob, will you guys be making a evga 1080 ti ftw waterblock?
no oled, no bueno. until then, just gonna keep my xb271hu.
awwwww yeeeaaahhh
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