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i own two 220mm variants. been using one of em for 15 months. fantastic reservoir and i absolutely love em. they are easy to disassemble too for cleaning.nice
x99 designare.
Mighty congrats to you @XNine! Best rep in the world and I am so glad he's with the cl family full time. Part of the reason why I was happy to buy a cl case is because of him. When he was part of NZXT, dude helped me tremendously when i owned a Switch 810. It was like he was made for caselabs because he was already providing that type of standard we love and appreciate in terms of customer support. I wonder what the future holds? Perhaps some youtube vids? Assembling?...
Well then why dont you get on that poop tube and show em how its done? And bring magoo, he'll solidify a substantial amount of subscribers for sure.
I like jay from jayztwocents. I dont particularly agree with some of his methods such as drilling into motherboards, but i commend him for providing a platform and explaining the intricacies of custom water cooling to the best of his abilities.
Closing listing. Going to just keep it.
theres room behind the mobo tray at the front, youll probably have to use velcro or double sided tap to place it as i dont think theres mounts for it
Enjoy it. As a fellow S8 owner, I know you will love it. Im interested to see the layout of your acrylic tubing and where you will mount your res. The aquacomputer farbwerk intrigues me as well. Cant wait!
I personally love the new bequiet! Dark base pro 900 black windowed version. Fully modular, tempered glass window, wireless phone charger.
I did at first. But it would be a lot more convenient for me to do a straight up trade.
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