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Chyeah! Have my Soc force ordered - hopefully Amazon ships it next week. Will definitely post pics when it arrives. First time owning a Gigabyte board, definitely excited and looking forward to the experience.
Cool! Yeah, I figured that, but i still appreciate gigabyte approach of not hyping up oc speeds when there is much work to do with the bios.Will u be making a gigabytes x99 owners thread? I can't wait to get my Orange beast!!! Thanks +rep
Oh u know Asus is making a real big deal out of it. I ordered my soc force x99 mobo and I want to purchase a 3000mhz ram kit, but I checked the soc force memory list, and it only showed compatibility with stock ddr4 speeds and some 2400mhz speeds.Would it be wise to buy the ram kit I want, or should I stick with what gigabyte recommends?
im curious about the custom asus cpu socket. does the extra pins provide more stability?
true. but i do enjoy reading their reviews. one of the very few tech sites that i have bookmarked
i noticed this as well. hopefully it's an oversight and will at least run oc xmp profiles. if not... good bye gigabyte
ok guys, im starting to worry about my motherboard i ordered. it seems all gigabytes x99 mobos show the standard 2133 ddr4 speed, but no mention of ram oc potential. could this be an oversight on gigabyte or should i be concerned?
Man... I was hoping they would ship it out today so I could have it by Tuesday. my order says it will be shipped out on tuesday and here I thought prime members had priority. That's fine, my motherboard hasn't had a date to ship yet, so hopefully they can both be shipped out together.
Hopefully by next week when I order my ddr4, the bios' will be fully functional. Still irritated Amazon didn't ship my 5960x when I ordered yesterday morning.
It's red. I would love to remove the heatsink spreaders and plastidip it Orange to match my x99 soc force. But g.skill is pretty adamant about voiding warranty, and I ain't about that life since how expensive Ddr4 is. I think the ballistix elite has removable heatsinks and I like the look.
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