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so much truth in this post has gotten me hungry for a twinkie.
when it comes to nvidia based cards, it's hard not to go to evga. Great warranty and support, and if the 980ti is released within 90 days of your purchase, you could easily upgrade to that via the step up program ( need to purchase the extra 2 year warranty tho). If you're looking for the best performing after market cooler and custom pcb 980s, the evga classified series and msi lightning are among the best. Unfortunately msi has not released a 980 lightning, but the...
thank you so much for that. +rep
is it possible to fit the flex bay fans at the lowest point with the 560 rad in the bottom compartment? also, would greatly appreciate more pics down there if possible.
I don't believe so.
Welp, makes getting the Asus mg279q more apparent. Freesync here I come...
The design is beautiful as usual, but lacks originality as its an obvious modified tj07. If it had been a original design built from scratch, I'm sure people would pay premium for it.
man... Here I am skipping the Acer xb270hu for the Asus mg278q and now this is a confirmed a ips with high refresh rate? This sucks!
I made the jump from ivy to haswell e and I have no regrets, well, other than how cheap ddr4 has gotten since I paid damn near $400 for a 16gb kit during release . Ddr4 has gotten cheaper as of late, there are 32gb ddr4 kits that hit below $300.
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