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Do want, very so much need a new cherry blue board.
Pics maybe, description, details, and my take on quality in build and visual sure thing. Visually build wise it should be just like the FSM-270YG, so pics may not be necessary, we'll see.
I did, just waiting for it to show up now.
Stand I used to get isn't available anymore, but this one is very much like it, already aware of the desk mounting issue most stands have.Thank you for the info though, those who didn't know about it do now.
I'm in for one too, as long as they don't cancel it, tossed in one of these too.
On amd's it should be the PLL circuit voltage, in short voltage for clock control. 2.5 is stock, I wouldn't exceed 2.65.
1. Do you currently own an SSD and are you planning on purchasing one in the near future? If so, which brands are you considering (Intel, OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, Patriot Memory, Samsung, or other)? Yes, Samsung, Crucial. 2. What is the most important consideration you make when you purchase an SSD (price, performance, brand, other)? Price, Performance, Reliability, and Life Span.
Originally, it wasn't stock being posted or listed field name wise, it would have been fine to add stock, but wasn't fine to change base to stock when everyone had already entered base values (adjusted values above stock), but not stock values. Right now all the listed values in regards to cpu stock values, for the most part are now wrong because the base field was changed to stock after submissions were made. I "was" helping on this chart in the start, but haven't talked...
If I set my base voltage on cpu to 1.416 so that it runs load at 1.356, that isn't stock 1.416, my stock is more like 1.337 or something of the sort for my batch. When everyone input their data, they were inputting their base voltage and @ load voltage, not their stock chip voltages for their batch.Stock means chip default, base means what you are setting it at (like a starting point), load means what it ends up on max load (100% everything you can throw at it to stress it).
The problem is, there is a difference between "Base" and "Stock", you guys already had him change base to stock which made the chart incorrect, if CPU/NB (Stock) is dealt with then the existing needs to become "Base" and "Load" with (Stock) added as a new field. Most of the chart as is got screwed up when the "Base" voltages were changed to a (Stock) listing when no one has stock voltages that high.I think this was a large part of why people stopped posting data here, as...
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