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Hi guys, I have had a Samsung 830 128gb since Christmas and its feeling slow (eg slower boot up times) and is running out of space. Would you suggest RAID 0 ing or getting a larger, faster drive. When I first built the pc it would boot in under 10 seconds, now takes close to 30 Thanks Dylanren99
Haha I got fibre a couple of months ago, this is the day before and day after
Does anyone else have this kind of problem with Skype? Read online it could be to do with Nvidia drivers? Thanks
looks cool, subbed
yea but it only plays the game on one screen
i'm in! thanks
Hi, I have a gigabyte 660 OC and was wondering is and how i can use the Nvidia surround feature. Thanks
Stupidly stunning Prodject, defo subbed. Do you still happen to have that h100i hanging around, I could do with one??
Hi other 690 owners, I was wondering if any one could point me in the direction of lighting the frount mesh, not just with light up fans, like with LEDs or cold cathodes. Does anyone know of someone attempting or doing this before? Thanks Dylanren99
so sorry, got another one from a mate for you thats it everyone, everything is gone
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