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8150 @4.6 and voltage at 1.380. H100 for the chip. vengeance ram no oc. 1600 8-8-8-24, a couple 7970s in crossfire thermaltake chaser full tower that stays about 30 to 31c. its all in my sig. i think, i am kinda new to overclocking so any help would be appreciated. thanks guys
One more question for you blitz. I noticed when i was benchmarking at the higher voltages that my chip would shut down cores to keep temps down. Are you on all 8 cores at those temps?
well my voltages are very low so i guess i have to find the sweet spot.
if you dont mind me asking what kind of socket temps do you get at the 5.3 gHz. i am gettin into the 80s C when i bench at 4.6 mine is an 8150. is that to hot or no?
well i guess i will try and keep an eye on all of them, i dont want the socket melting either, thanks for all your help guys
Do i have to be in the club to write a thread . if not can anyone tell me why core temp is so much lower than my AI suite for the board. i have a crosshair V also with an 8150. just wondering if i can trust the AI suite II or not
Sounds good i do have a slot in between so when i am playing or on mine it gets to around 65 to 70 c. in heaven i have got it to 75 but the cards seem not to care much because the fans dont really go that high even at 75 so i guess im doing good thanks for the replies
I was wondering if anyone was using 7970 reference style cards in crossfire, and what kind of temps they are getting. thanks im new to the site so thanks for the help : )
Im using an Corsair H100. obviously A I Suite is getting its temps from something else, i would like to know where. i know my chip is ok because the internal temp isnt going above 55c, but what is going up that high on prime 95
I was overclocking my 8150 for the first time last night and my AI suite temps were going above 71c, but i was monitoring temps on core temp 1.0 and none of the core temps were going over 55 c at the voltage i have it set at now. i was running prime 95 for the stress test. Is AI suite temps right or are they that far off?
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