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I had trouble getting CnQ to work beginning with BIOS 1006.I changed two of the default settings under Advanced\CPU Configuration to get it to function again.Cool'n'Quiet: Always Enabled [Default: Disabled by CPU]Apm Master Mode: Enabled [Default: Auto]
Give the uninstall a try first. but I suspect you will also have to go into msconfig.exe and disable all the Asus services.
See my post a couple pages back and the thread at the Asus forum I linked to. Do you have a Rev 2.0? Seems there is a real problem with the Asus services installed with AI Suite. I also am running a fast SSD for Windows but that is not a solution for this issue.
Hi. First post for me. I hope to get around to officially joining the club when I have more time. Right now I am running on Win 7 x64, but have Win 8 ready to install at some point. I stopped running AI Suite altogether, due the extreme lag getting a WAN connection after booting. Had to uninstall AI Suite and disable all the Asus services to eliminate this problem. There is a discussion thread on it at the official Asus 990FX R2.0 forum. (Though the server seems to be down...
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