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I have tried every thing .... Just want to ask if a corrupt bios can do something like that ???( no Display , no error beeps or the mobo is dead)
Are you trying to tease me Buddy i have mentioned that i have tried that
Buddy its not overheating .. I have checked that also.....
I have mentioned on the top . No beeps , no errors and the problem doesnot display
I have reset the Cmos . Doesnot it bring all setting to the stock .........I haveProcessor G540ram : KINGSTON 2GB ddr3 1333 value selectPsu : 500 W AntecGpu : 9600gt / 8500gs
Problem : The motherboard switches on when pwr button is pushed ( Every thing spinning ) But no Display What i have tried so far : 1)Clearing CMOS (all methods) 2)Ram is working in other system 3)Power supply is working fine in other system AND When i use the memok button the test starts but the LED keep flashing like for ever .... I used speaker it does not give any beeps .....(without ram or gpu) Processor G540 ram : KINGSTON 2GB ddr3 1333 value select Psu : 500 W...
I opened it once more to further improve but after that i have not got under 80c @ 100 Fans speed Something seems to be faulty now
HEREs a new one ...............( A true definition of epic ) I love this card Cleaning and LOOK Second last pic is of thermal pads
I had this card for past few weeks and just today i found something that i cannot believe in ....... Heres before that little MOD i did (temps max while playing hitman absolution) And here is after MOD (FURMARK result) HERES what i did ..... In the above pic the red arrows are there to show that there are small rectangular pieces of plastic that are to hold the HSF bracket tight on the card ................ What i did ! I increased the length of that rectangular...
There is no doubt that, that is really poorly optimized games just like gta 4 ..........I like the area and cars plus the car control but that stuttering is a headache .........I really hate gta 4 due to poor optimization and nfs mostwanted 2 was the second most poorly optimized game....They are many games that have way better texture and run way too smooth then these two like Hitman absolutionjust casue 2mafia 2tombraider
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