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These are the fans that i painted in last summer. The results on these fans were 100% perfect. ( And i think you are right about the theory on painting on cold and hot surfaces ) ( these are corsair 140 mm fans that came with some casing )Later i added some red Carbon fiber vinyl.Did this theme for one of my friends.
Happiness is seeing comments or messages " Subbed " My pleasure dude. When ever someone subs me on forums or on youtube it just makes me so happy and motivated to keep doing this stuff .
Thanks for appreciations and tips. I will for sure keep these in my mind the next time i lift a spray can, Thank you
IF u want to relax watch the video, IF u want complete guide then follow the guide These fans are among the top tier radiator fans and really liked by PC water cooling enthusiasts. (May be not) Fan specs: Mechanical and electrical specifications:- Speed: 1850 rpm (+/- 10%)- Rated Voltage: 12V DC- Power Draw: 1.44W- PWM Connector: 4-pin PWM header Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm Performance characteristics:- Max Air Flow: 63 CFM Noise Level: 29.5...
Thanks for the appreciation it keeps me motivated for more
Updated / Completed
Did it for a friend How to ? Tools required 1. Screw driver set Modding requirements 1. Carbon fiber vinyl 2. Scissors ( Should have flawless working ) 3. Blade ( Use a new one for smooth finishes ) 4. Good workplace with enough light ( I usually work on my iron stand ) 5. Patience ( Must or things get messy ) 6. A small box ( to place screws and all the small parts that u take off from your component ) • Place the keyboard upside down and un-screw all...
Yea most of the acids are not good for metals. Even acids other then HCL might eat up copper so you have to be careful about what acid u have in your toilet cleaner and what metals its friendly to.
Buddy currently my system is in really low state use as my GPU is still out until next maintenance. I haven't added any water since yesterday and its working fine as m not using the tower part just the reservoir is in use now a days that u saw in the pic.Yes i ad water from the top and that really make the dust and other stuff at the bottom to get up an circulate in my loop every day.The upgrades that i am looking forward to arePlacing my pc near window and just like u...
Antifreeze will reduce the performance as well as it wont evaporate. Also on different forums people really aren't in favor of breathing this stuff as some will evap for sure. My bong is a lil different then others internally instead of showering the water down, my water climbs down the along the wall of that big tube/pvc pipe thus reducing the water splashing and noise. The performance is lowered somewhat but that dip dip dip plip plip sound disturb my sleep
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