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My current system CPU: i7 2600 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 Mhz GPU: r7 370 2GB HDD: 500 GB ( sata II ) PSU: Antec EA-500D (500W) Just Cause series as amazing as ever. The big booooooooooooooms
Thanks Bucake
Super-Combo 15 Programmable Gaming X7 Keyboard/G800V from A4-tech Got it from a friend for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE thanks to him Product link Keyboard was having issues as some keys were not pressing and as i dug deep i found out why. It was a really fun project enjoyed it a lot and was really impressed with keyboard quality. Final results were really satisfying to me. The only thing that seemed a lil clumsy to me in this keyboard...
Battlefield 1 ultra settings except AA on r7 370. M thankful to EA n DICE for such an optimized game Loved the campaign
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( next update time is unknown to me dnt know when it will visit me again )
More Updates coming soon this is just a teaser
I noticed it on my r7 370 that fans do take considerable amount of power at full speed. I have sapphire dual x and if i put the fans on 70% speed manually and then stress test the GPU the RPM of fans get down by considerable amount. So i am thinking of putting those fans on PSU so my GPU stress is reduced.
Previously it was blowing air through the heat sink onto my GPU back. ( During the testing phases ) It was making my gpu around 6c warmer on idle 4-5 degree warmer while watching movies and 3-4 degree warmer in gaming.I totally agree that blowing results better then sucking air but this is the only orientation i can fit this heatsink on socket. And the reason for that it has big flat base that touches nearby caps and chokes in any other orientation then this one. Even in...
Thanks. Will be modifying it even more with a lil bigger fan and some other optimization soon. Will make it look better too Though dust in my system depicts m living in a desert
Part number Hp 381865-001. This cooler came in the HP dc 7600 computer ( released in 2006 ( release year is not 100% confirmed ) Bought it from a scrap shop in a buck Initial Testing Standard Heat Very high heat With stock fan an i7-2600 in stress testing hit around 80s or above in most of the cases. I never had stock cooler i started with water cooling and then due to issues in that i came to this cooler. Initial tests weren't good at all so i tuned it to...
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