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First of all, thanks for the discussion.I will manually measure the length of the mobo to the side panel.I will try to post images, too.I am afraid that it doesn't fit. I will check it.Also, it a bit heavy! 1,2 kg!
Ok.Ok, i understand.These coolers are not famous here in Greece (!)NZXT Havik 140 ---> not sell anymoreSilverstone HE-01 ---> i can't find at any shop, too.bequiet Dark Rock Pro (2) (BK017) ---> 82€Noctua D14 ---> 80€Alpenföhn K2 ---> not sell.As you understand i don't have enough choices.Noctua is big and i believe not enough better vs megahalems.bequiet Dark Rock Pro (2): i don't believe that it will fit to my case. Extreme risk!
Thanks both for the replies.I agree! So, i will go to aircolling.About Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-e-se: Here in Greece i find THERMALRIGHT SILVER ARROW SB-E CPU COOLER (not se-i don't know about it) at 72.53€ and the megahalems at 60€. Here megahalems is more cheap.I cannot believe that can fit at my case. Where you read about 166mm space for a cooler?Thanks everyone!Also, what's your opinion for my mobo? Will it ok for overcloccking i5-3570k?
Hello Everyone from Greece. I'mFotis from Greece. I read the forum many time along but now i decide to register and participate at the discussions.
Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I have an Intel i5-3570k, and now i want to overclock! But i don't have a good enough case. My case is this. 45 cm x 18.5 cm x 41.1 cm Also, my mobo is . About cooling..., i think megahalems or corsair h80. I beleive that megahalems will fit almost at my case! About H80, i read at forums, thatis much loud and corsair produced many defective coolers. About H100, i don't have two fans at my case so...
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