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You didn't ask but Iirc Sgt has this fan I would look into gts as well 2150 rpm fans that are out are awesome and low noise. You can now find them in both pwm and voltage controlled.also all black or the Grey can go higher speeds of you want Coolerguys,Daz mode and performance Pcs sells them
It really wont matter.and it will be fine only would hurt temps if there was a heat source blowing on the passive rad
so what you are saying is right tool for the right job? Gee who would of thoughtAnd all I said was both pumps are fine :/
Shoggy stated they only do the 5lt so they have something in that price range. They would lose money if they did the 6 that low (i am paraphrasing)
Some of the posts I saw posted last night are also gone. BTW it happened last night on both mobile (Firefox and chrome) and pc (diuretic Firefox and ie)
You can also just get the aq6 pro. /hen take off the display if you want a lt
Psst all intel chips are failed xeons Also titans have some features ti's dont and vise versa
In other news ocn-aquaero-owners-club had some issues yesterday. My posts were not posting.and I couldn't edit them. But Sgt Bilko is correct ebkac not "shame on amd"
You can buy them from resellers
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