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Meh. Expect what you want. People buy a house and expect it not to burn. Does not mean it won't. Know what your doing, be informed stop making excuses for the "darwins"
M.2 is not faster then sata. M.2 is a mounting method. A form factor. Nothing more. What you are comparing is sata vs pcie.M.2 can be sata, pcie, or both. Depending on the socket and what's plugged into itI have a nas I am building a windows based server. My nas is a 4 core 8 thread xeon with 32GB ecc memory. And z3 raidIirc it is an e3 1231 v3
I knew I was quoting one of those darn numbers wrong. But either way isn't hurr complaining about the Sabertooth3 ? (Question is actually directed to hurr)I have yet to see a good pcie m.2 design. All manufactures can't seem to figure out how to just use some of the " extra " lanes but must use your gpu lanes **please note I have not looked into either of intels newest junk- with key word being junk. Although I may end up doing a e5 xeon build in the near future- but...
@Undervolter I will disagree here, not going to say all boards are worthy, but give me a break. Msi expects YOU to shut it down and YOU to assume responsibility when ocing. You should be looking at them anyway, and monitoring. Survival of the fittest ends up winning. It is not the boards fault. Again this boils down to another case of budget components, budget results.
Of course they can what we have seen recently has been pretty pathetic.Umm, no 990fx has 32 lanes (acutally 42 iirc but those are reserved for other things)+12
I wanted to add my rant was not intended as a insult to anyone, I am just sick of the recycled crap that this gen had been plagued by and it is really seting a poor precedent for future consoles....
Yay another remaster they can officially milk more money from... rather then making a real game. yay ( if you can't tell the sarcasm )LONG LIVE THE PS4 REMASTER CONSOLE OF CRAPSorry but this is freaking ridiculesA remaster is not something you announce, unless it is the ONLY one that matters (ie ff7 ) and don't do anything but a graphic update and maybe finish the canceled content like cloningOtherwise they should just be released quietlyThe fact they have nothing worth...
The gc itself is cartoons because of the restrictions Nintendo put on them selves imo it was an attempt to cover up the lack of resources (mainly storage) the console had
I love the metroid series. Pikmen, Zeldas, paper Mario
just for future reference you don't have a contract with them they can't do anything the store that sold it early they can, but only with proof. Assuming they have a contract with them (moat of the smaller stores can sell them as soon as they come in
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