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what speed are your cpu fans running at, this is a perfect time to update your rig specs and use rigbuilder ( see link in sig )
then answer your own question, why overclock ?
hyper 212 ~ 25 $ variants, all hated in enthusiasts builds,2011 was being sarcastic as to your comment aboutwhy buy expensive cooling if you dont overclock
but why spend all that money on a cooling system when you could just get the dreaded 212 and happily run your 2011 @ stock?
several depends on many things, but yea start boost may be set to 100%
agreed i will be very sad if swiftech does not put out a x2 top, but i will be ecstatic if they put out a x4 top !
yes i have , run and LOVE my 83xx/95xxshoweveri also have thisboth have at least one system with quadfire,my amd system keeps the sexay komodos because they look better ( on the 7970 ) my intel keeps 290xs,so next time rather then trying to incite a trolling of intel vs amd, think before you to why, i have my uses, but of course non are good enough for you, as again you ask why, i ask why not ?then again pretty sure i have spent more on the cooling system for my...
huh, i didnt know that, good thing i use MCP35xs, may be switching to the new MCP350x
watercooling, lifes better/ more quite here
underlined ... you ask why, i ask why notbold
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