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but in your pic it should be called ballfoot ( reading from left to right or right to left toofllab )
as to fun game, i am glad you feel bb is but most people ( of which i fall into that category ) dont. but that is why i used blockbuster, blockbuster does not need my nor your biased it is a sample of the population deciding as to the games none of those are true excluding bat man and that will change, they will patch the game
no. sorry gert this is a bloody football this is a football and this is a soccer ball
no they really are not, 30fps vs 100+ on pc i can happily see the difference. you all keep stating the use of blockbuster like it is a problem i dont see how this is a problem.
you all act like nvoidia hasnt been doign that for years, news flash they have. i wanna get my customers to upgrade ......
fittings are perfectly fine to be reused if you dont like the look then replace them imobest tubing cutter i have found is a pvc cutter at home depotdont get this kind ( i have this exact one for cutting pvc, its awesome for plumbing ) this one
off topichahah a even on ocn the ps4 crowd still is blindly following. they tried to tell me this looks funthat was my answer.....i mean come on soccer with cars? i then state please tell me one BLOCKBUSTER on any of the platforms, they cant, but i must be an elitist ... seriously can anyone tell me a console only blockbuster ? i wanna play a challenging game with an amazing story it can be indie idc nor need a aaa titlebut yet the ps4 crowd seems to think those...
well if expecting good games, and buying them on the best platform possible makes me an elitist then yes. i am one i like good games, not mediocrei want a game with actual content that makes you think and a story that makes you be amazed, not some soccer wanna be paintball wanna be game, if i wanted to do either i would just go play paintball
wow - it has been obvios i have been talking about consoles
there is not a game that is "fun" to me on this or any platformthat is the point, all the games worth having are on the pc which is a far better experience for me sony/microsoft/nintendo needs to get off their butt and make some good exclusives, the attitude " but it can be fun" is why they get away with this.and their attitude of getting "good enough" games out will be the end of the consolesyou seem to think i enjoy that, i dontcompetition is keyand atm all 3 systems...
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