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I honestly think you just keep ending up with the short straw @tat I love that video
... maybe I'll go and selling online then. ... There were stacks of them. ..
I disagreed with him. Showed why. Then ended with a joke.
Still that is the game I tried. And the above statement came from.
Or. .. I could just buy. .. 290/290x They even have 8gb models out ... which is more then double. ...
I just don't get physx.. saw it. And was less then not impressed
Wasnt the game I was talking about. ... the screen size
@ 4+1
as i said you easily can. look at htpc, but intel says anything over 1.4 ( again sandy b ) can cause immediate damage does that mean it will. no. but it can so if you do go over 1.4 be ok if you kill your chip
i think at least android anything on the webpage is in the dict
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