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No time
You should be fine I have yet to damage aled. They don't let current flow backwards
Don't trust software readouts. There is a bios (or several)/rev that read wrong
You have a + and a - if they don't work just reverse them. Make sure to use the 2 pin pwm outputs and don't go over 1a output.
There are great reasons for raid.But normal raid is nothing imo. Zfs/raidz!
Can you link to which ones you want? ( are you using rgb? )I'll put it this way. I own 6. Diva has 5 or 6 in one pc aloneTo really answer your question I would recommend you read the instructions.This unit independently monitors temps and adjusts fans accordingly based off of the fan profile you make.You can use it with no intraction from the pc using all external temp sensors. Or you can use hw monitor,adia64, or hwinfo and stream temps from your pc to the aq.You can...
you mean these ?
if it makes you feel better onboard raid sucks anyway without proper raid card- on any platform....., even then i could make a pretty big argument against it,
rmaing wont fix it, it is a design flaw .from langdo you have ebay with cheap china sellers on it ! ( serious question )what are you talking about the touch buttons or the IR , the IR remote is just like a tv remote, so put the plastic in front of your tvs receiver and see if you can still control the tv
i like how you compare the 990 chipset which is well over 3 years old to intels, which has seen what at least 4 revisions since and you not even comparing fm2+, it really is laughable at best if you want intel so bad go buy it !
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