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ok, but where did he quote anyone. ? if you click the top quote which i have quoted, you will see those are all "his" pics, not a quote - i deleted all but one as i am quoting
well for one, "FSB" is a maker of PSUs at least in the us, NEVER seen a UPS by them, nor do i trust FSB, few psus from FSB that i have seen are near good let alone great
your psu has filtering for such things on the ac side
much better to buy a spacer. you can crack it if you are not careful !yes
Your fine. Few people ever do that.
They are spreading their resources and never fixing any problems. Less resources avail. Less problems fixed
I would not ever let that near anything I own.. everSimple keys name brand and esp for pcs since wave.You do know they are made to also use in Japan which uses 100vac?
They can't do bios... but they try to do this...
Rule of thumb is 120+(120×a) where "a" is the number of cpus/gpus cooled So 1 cpu 120+(120×1) =240
Good news. Leadex warranty is easy. Even from us, however you have to pay international shipping both ways :/ but most companies won't even deal with you out of country of purchase so pretty impressed Ironically still thinking of getting 2kw leadex and possibly a 850w.
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