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anyone else having issues getting to nams guide
read the manual it helped me alot also ther eis a guide called nams guide that is good too
idc ill buy them IF you make a dual top !
revision will be important
I disagree
see belowthis much i agree with after which i use aquaero !!!
rads dont really have restriction worth noting and as i said, really you dont increase the length by that much to worry about it vs cpu/gpu blocks that have extreme amounts of restriction
np i will help convince themcase labs for the love of god, please NEVER make this case, SFF is like a epeen contest on whos is the smallest,imo caselabs is about art ( when you have to cram all them wires in to it, it stops looking like art at that size, IMO ) ! and as you stated, so many restrictions ..... ew
pumps do not care about rads,they only matter about cpu blocks and gpus blocks( now if we start talking about 20 rads the loop length may be too much but still normal circumstances it does not care )
Yw. The great thing about pcie is the scaling. You can put a x16 in any size slot. Same for a x1
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