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200 mm fans suck. In well everything.Yes you should see some benefit to 120mm, even junky ones but as usual ymmv
He has less time then I. Probably can't keep up with this thread. I finally got caught up (yes I have read every post. )Anywho slight update I also have a Msi titanium. Waiting but will be getting a crosshair. Definitely a x399. Can't wait.Enjoying playing with the platform. Esp in production..Wife does not know it butt she will be getting either a 1700x or 1800, for her solid works at work....
Just ask them they will send a new one
YAY quadfire here i come.... you know i am buying this.... may be a few. got a lot of bills atm due to time of year :/ in other news i have a titanium and not time to installi hope red is ok, but honestly at this point, i think the illnesses got him D: ill build it for himalso wow kya does live /////
just make sure to build your loop with enough rad space that your loop doesnt heat up XD
i dont know. ill check with my wife do you have a link to what you are talking about ? i just ordered it and will tell you after my father in law uses it if it works that helpsand yes get the 6..... better power delivery ( no overheating ) and if not doing power then 4 pwm ports rather then 1 ( on the 5 )
yes there is a usb 2 port built into every usb 3 port
Hw monitor had and always will be trash.Then remove itGood. Never. Make your ownExactlyFyi, NO program can
A freenas at your mother's house
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