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There are far better ones for cheaper
Nice to have you
Lord of Vaseline lol ... Idk yet..... or (inside joke) cork tape
me either, plus at present time 140s are NOT better ( more efficient you call it ) then 120si dont understand what you want to be able to help sorry :/"basement ?" of what ?
i hate you atm, i am starting to save up for a cnc, till i get one however i hate everyone with one !!!!you should use the nonconformism bracket, will work no matter what, if you chose not to you can try the brackets that come with your case, then if they dont work buy a non conforming bracket
any , size is not a big concern for fill ports i make them the biggest i can but that is cause i want them to fill quick.i find posts like this funny, i been using it in well over 5 systems with some as long as 3 years no changing coolants without any build up...aquacomputer makes one, they also sell it with their fill portyou can, just put a end cap on it, ( i use a 45deg fitting on one of my builds for fill tube )
AmazingHeh. I know the feeling, do you work for source or epic (or Kore or w.E. they changed their name to this week)Anywho if you are in Colorado area or want to move here let me know where I work we have tons of ot but you don't have to work it (40s are ok)We need guys and I love it hereI did my 80 hour weeks before. It hurts after a while.I feel you.
First thanks so much for letting us know.Second to your family nim my best wishes. I hope you are in a better place and far more peaceful life ahead...Ironically I refused to pay that much for this controller. His guide (which b took me forever to find) is what convinced me to buy one and I Longed for it for a beer long timeAFAIK That is only the MPS version but I could be wrong I don't have time to check atm
I could be wrong but I think they either have a res mounting plate or holes for it. A res mounting plate is an inexpensive plate that is made to hold the res and inexpensive so it can be easily / cheaply replaced
Please note i am not blaming you, just curious. Did you leak check the unit when you got it (the new unit from rma) and how long? That really sucks and I am sorry: (
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