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My statement was directed to Solohuman not shilka
You can get any and all panels after the fact. AFAIK all the current models are screwed together so adding it is pretty easy. My microcenter has them in stock (some models ) but idk where you live. So do you have a local microcenter? If you were in co I could easily show you. The big cost saving is in a) combined shopping and b) panel options when getting the case ( ie the top panel 35mm/120mm have large cost saving when bought with a case vs solo )
At the ac comments I work on ac. No way I would get home and not have it ( acs are on the roof )Your "point" is far from accurateThat is like saying " installing a after market filter an a car gives more horsepower" then the response is "or you can just buy a lamborghini "Not to mention when done properly water cooling is substantially quieter then air and if/when you change sockets 99% of the time your loop follows withTo those that say water does not belong in a pc my...
Simple solution go custom loop!
Imo no but you may be able to clock higher
@rv8000 your the first i have heard in a while state the truth, alas if it wasnt like beating your head against a wall. most dont seem to care about the truth, they are of the mentality " it makes noise make it stop" imo coil whine will only get worse the more we make cards that can push out more and more pixels
it isnt that your chip hates ultra its that your cooling isnt up for it i dont say this to be rude but it is the truth
yea it only took revamping the entire project, 2 times after launch, it still never hit the levels of ffxi
high bandwidth memory 2 ( ie gen 2 )
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