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tim application
Don't buy deionized water. Save your money and buy distilled.
In tyvm
Yes please thanks so much
your welcome. honestly surprises me you didnt know about it
you bought one and want a different one ? how would that work ? you may be able to exchange at your retailer.i dont know anything about that case sorry
how far ?may check the game options first as there may be an adj therewhat psu do you have ? that is for a seasonic x series
if i understand you , you want to mount the pump/res of a d5 to a rad. one option is the ek mount MAKE SURE TO CHECK REQUIRED ADDONS !
if yours is the second option ( 12pin connector to 2x8 pin ) yes you can i do and i push some insane volts through it
correct i honestly thought i didnt need one >..> i mean .... we would all looks like thisbut obviously the sign would be different hypespazm i would limit myself to 2 res ( built in +1 ) the more res you add the more issues you can run intobasically make it look good ( placement ) then plumb it to closest portsas the h220x is in the top of the loop and it has its own res the other res can go anywhere ( normally you have to put it right before the pumpeither way you...
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