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Sounds to me like you are using manual voltage not offset
AFAIK they only use prismatic powders
ill stick with my philosophy of nothing on auto -- did you know that using xmp can and DOES change it ? not worth it imo 2 of my sets of ram change it to 2.5 o.o
idk i just dont have time to care i joke with the cl owners but really thats it, baby is due in the next 2 weeks, and a few other changes that atm i will keep my lips closed on ( dont have to do with ocn in the least ) just too busy working 60-80 hours- getting ready for everything else and making my nas and router and learning the ends and out ( making a pfsense - probably just going to go all out and just buy the server gear i want for it - another supermicro matx...
tbh it didnt surprise me at all although i have not get an email yet tbh i am not that anxious i dont have time to be lol
i wanted a MM ascension at the time i found both a M8 and a MM in the marketplace, i almost bought the MM but got my epic ultrarare m8 with drop in mounts !~ sooooo happy i did i just think the MM looks so flimsy !
you dont you can also get the jeak controllerornot have any controller !that is 2 other options,also to point out that the rgb on the aquaero is also the wrong type of RGB ( google common anode vs common cathode ) it really depends on what you need !~1 slaving a unit gives you ZERO more PWM channels as they are just VOLTAGE controlled !~ ( important )2 how to slave - remove display and front panel - then flash slave firmware !again this does not give you any more PWM...
?? never leave it on auto imoVTT and VCCSA 1.2 or LESS !mine i use 2400 8gb dimms @ 1.1vi know it was disscussed but i cant find it, the wifi on this board was MPCIE correct ? i am looking for a 3x3 card :E like on the RVE
WhiteWulfe have you looked into the tx10 ? would be epic for both you and your hubbys hardware !~ all in one case add in plenty of cooling and bam epicsauce- and half the price of 2 full cases !
You have far more in eu then we in usa most of our stuff comes from there and you even have several brands we don't even have access toPfft I would not change it in the usa for lifeI always found it funny they never listed the dimensions for these
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