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No ram I have ever used is on the qvl list
.... that was supposed to be piping. Not pooping. Dang auto correct...
Have you reflashed bios yet? Ocing can corrupt bios
Ill try that when I am back state side. In China atm
Some of the things you say remind me of another person. With that said. I never said for him not to fsb oc. I said he needs to learn to swim in the shallow end before jumping into the deep end. I then gave him guide lines on how to proceed on either method.
Nope...still haven't. YouTube is blocked in China
I was just about to say what kya did. I bought the power color lcs as I got a great price for it
Your goal is not to heat up the pooping. It is to heat up the I/o shield. Last person I remember talking about successfully doing it with a heat gun said it took more then 30 min.Your goal is to keep the pipe cold and the I/o hot. Pipe stays small heatsink big. And boil the glue
Bf4 has a memory leak issue. I can not even play for 5 min in eyefinity
I don't know why people get mad when betas are actually betas
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