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Sounds like protection is kicking in. Either over current or volts
You removed what ever it was that fell behind right?
Hahaha I know what you mean
You are right. @JackCY I am sorry, I was 100% wrong in the attitude of my response
May just be psu protection. You need to unplug from wall to verify. Wait a min then plug back in Also don't try to cuss by spoofing it. It's still against tos
I could be wrong but 1 the reason it isn't supported is out breakers are not big enough. - according to the specs it may still work on 110v. 2 you can always use 2 legs for 220v (like your stove or dryer )should be close enough to work. (Most psus are ok with 2 hot legs. Yours may not be. You will need to check
it would help when you cant get into the bios as your keyboard is not initialized ( i dont / cant check each forum every day )
i was on mobile, it felt like that was a lead up to the how to on how to fold
To the vita That helps. It is neat to see. Kinda funny how sparse they are. But jar to get excited about pictures I am more a pick it up and play it guy To the ps1 game no idea sorry :/
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