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Fixed for you
Production is, after 3 months of being super slow. Wait times are outrages and customers are complaining like none other Speaking historically cl will shut down new orders till they reel it back in.
Knowing cl they probably, finally, suspended all orders till they are caught back up
Wow I would of bought that had I knownBut the engineer can do different pins. That said no reason you can't buy both ( and I might )
Or just post here..... I agree with you. This sucks.
I don't expect an answer immediately, but possibly in a future release.
Wow I had no idea. I noticed CL has been absent from the forums but frankly this is pathetic What is going on. You can not manufacture these cases that means you have more free time. Not less.....
It's not optional, it is a dead standard, not gonna look for when it died, but iirc 2.0 or 2.1 (atx standard)
I would not worry much. CL is frankly larger then you think. Although behind I know they stand by their products.
That sucks. @Shoggy this does bring up an issue. Maybe make it so you can install aqua suite offline.
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