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[[SPOILER]] dont bother, he is trying to argue the newest gen from nvidia which if scheduled with amds releases ( as you stated ) would be fighting against last gen from amd.he did the same with his 660tis, he was proven wrong then and as soon as amd drops 390x he will again eat crow.wont even get in to the fact how little money that extra 50w consumes
in bios you would want auto or turbo or silent, as to how to check if it is on pwm again in bios
i prefer hard copies, what happens if xbl ever dies ( talking far future not near ) as a collector, i like to hold it in my hand and put it on my shelf i did not buy the wii u day one. still dont regret that, bought other 2 day one
swiftech was the first for pwm d5s though iirc
I hope they don't. I Like the aesthetics of thick rads. You want small ones go sff
Yes you can but I am not at home to tell you how
just buy all then you have no regrets
i think you need to check your attitude. i know hotrod and he is not "fake" or "lying" he states what he does you may say "extreme cooling" so lets talk about what you mean ? my 3930k has 5 480s ( 3 monstas 1 ut60 and 1xt45 ) is that extreme ?my 8350 has 5 360 monstas is that extreme ?the 4790k will have 1x240 monsta 1x240ut 60 and 1 st30 is that extreme ( would go bigger but i bought itx to make a small build, and i refuse to use a ped for the S3 )
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