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just a friend, before i knew you fine fellows, ill look into changing it this weekend and retesting... if i have time ( sis is getting married )
really i was told they need to be close ( iirc what .3v or .03 idr off the top of my head )i keep mine @ 1.12 iirc
o dear lord.... even after being told that amds do not have a thermal sensor and explaining how it works...i really dont mind helping, but i am sick of" how do i do this/insert other question here""answer""no you are wrong"
in the fact that i used a 80 or 90mm fan yes, but for me i waterblock asap still annoyed no one made one for the saberkitty
personally i think you are overreacting. life happens, i am sure they will fix itas to legs bending it should be fine assuming they dont touch anything
except the first person fan is not any where near his vrm sink, when you get it close you should see ~ 60 max, even when i was @ 5.5 on my sabertooth ( only board i ever owned with a VRM sensor ) i never saw near 60 only ~ 55
1 does 4.7 2400on ram @ 100strap. all $ 1.4v i dont think it is a dud i just didnt stress it to show max clock 2 no. i hate ram release does no one remember ddr3 release
sure i will at worst case i always have this
not another one.i am sure when my cpu is idling 20c below my ambient that is normal too? as my watercooling IS that efficienti would also like to add asus is NOT amd. how do they know what amd does or does not do ? as you are stating that part about the manufactureopen CPUzclick validateunder cpu name put your OCN name make sure "publish online " is ticked, click submit, post the link here
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