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i am sorry i dont understand your question on asus i keep it on stock on giga i use 2.695 on giga it lowers my temps on asus it does nothing
even if you have to flash you can do so without cpu or ram just psu ( with standby power ), mobo and usb
only time it has been shown to help is on gigabyte boards
if your interested i am going to be making a moddiy order and i can buy you the mats and make you one
i finally found a crimper for usb 3.0 pins took a while to find one i trust and like !! finally i have my 4x7970s installed in my m8/8350 dear god the all black look is amazing ! next step i need to make power cables ~~~ this build is going so slow but it is looking better and better, i have a long way to grow on making it look perfect but one step at a time
I can check for you when I get home
I don't know that brand sorry. Just don't skimp on dp cable
correct, and it isnt lame it is protecting you cards mem has to be the same for all cards in CFX or SLI so it will be a mirror of the rest of the cards
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