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That is pretty cool
Yea will, 200mm fans suck esp for static pressure
Yes it is Metroid is Great find
ThanksWindows 7 is not freebsd
wow, they are not retro, but i feel they should be ..... check out Zenodyne R and fire arrow plus ( this is one of my absolute fav genres that imo got left out due to 3d !!! )
they both work for me :/here they are againsega/megadrive dreamcast ( and saturn )
Bold, Yea, right, nice wishful thinking
2 great windows bundles imo guys
@inoran81Wait. AC finally released an ir reliever and hopefully output (transceiver? Idk )like they showed when aq5was released?It offers 4 additional buttons, but odds are you are not going to use it often. And the XT is far from needed in most casesYou can but you may need to make a diva mod (see iirc between posts 1-200 for it)
As far as 1. No. I do it all the time, unless it gWas done improperly (not saying you did) i have shorted them with all sorts of things...2 maybe but maybe not. Many things could happen.
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