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No iirc 2933 but I really don't know could be 26xx..... after one off the multiplers it locks out the odds. It will let you put them in. But then it rounds up for you
Meh no need sorry but sff needs to die Besides it has a 5.25 slot Where's the secondary motherboard tray we were promised for the thw10?
I want the max. Not the middle board. Hero has less features then the extreme.
What ever you say....
Relay and external power source then
I don't know what 90s you use. But that is not normal. Mine never leakOnly other thing to add is in the US it is illegal to sell a uses product as btwTdp is only at all stock settings. If you change anything, Tdp goes out the windowIf it were me, return it post haste
No idea, and good god autocorrect killed me You cant do odd timing at high speeds.
W00tThats what I was waiting for. I'll be buying it, either a 1700 or 1800x and a x399 board (99% chance asus unless they pull this Hero released first crap.......), probably give one of my current systems to my wife.... may do an itx build for her work pc..... we will see
Ok new cases. You gonna bring back the old ones?
Just keep it to 0% or 100%. Either off or on. 0 % means no power 100% means 12v 100% of the time ( no pwm. )
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