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If that is your car I want you too know I hate you. I love that car!Last I knew and now let's both cards (all) operate at different freq.In other news I have a second 290x otw and will have a third and fourth on my doorstep (probably almost ready to pull the trigger) before I get back to the us. Can not wait for quad fire
ThisWould be fine but depending on your gpu oc you would be at your max I would recommend a quality 1k w psu personally
NP !although you are on the right basis " locking " cpu/nb and ht to 2200 showed improvements in benches on BD that is what i was referring which people keep porting over to vishara, which has no basis in fact as vishara does not show these improvementsalthough you are right about the lack of improvements when compared to PHIIas for you, you may get minor improvements in benches, it will not be enough to care about unless you are truly going for that MAX score.CPU/nb...
no FSB is NOT HTFSB is front-side bus ( which is an often used incorrect term for amd. but meh it works ) and is the speed between the board and the cpu. this is actually HyperTransport™ Reference Clock [[SPOILER]] HT is hyper transport which goes from the cpu to the rest of the board. this is what is referred to as "HT overclocking" [[SPOILER]] also i edited my last post and you may need to refresh to see it*** please note all descriptions NOT in spoilers are just...
I need to make sure you understand what these are'as in the past there have been miss understandings about what they do.You keep calling cpu/nb nb. Which it is not. Nb is the chip by your vrms which you can NOT ocCpu/nb is your memory controller which is on the die of your cpuNb voltage can help stabilize ocs and in my experience does help esp with cpu/nb ocs. Around 1.2 with proper cooling. I run mine at 1.25 on my main rig.The 2200 rumor started in BD as it seemed to...
My bad. Was supposed to say crossfired. But my phone likes to correct my poor typing
you can get similar food in most Chinese restaurants. However it is not the same nordo they have this much selection. But most ppl will never get it as they don't put it in their"American menu" but only on their "Chinese menu"
15 they are only 7 ea.Please post some picks and send me links. Even if I could pick them up today I won't be state side till the 30th in China atm visiting familyno it won't
Having helped as many people as I have and having used 3 different chips across 4 boards all able to. I highly doubt that. But hey it is overclocking.I would need bios screens voltage (all) digi (all) and cpu settings (all, meaning the multis and things not power saving) to help out. Are your vrms cooled actively?
They can be certified without flashing @Ledzepp3 I have been asking the same. I think I will buy it to test it
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