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ok, i dont know how to make this any more clear to you,Source(china blocks google ! )The oppisite of need - needlessSourcedo you NEED it -nodoes that make it worthless -noi did not say it WOULD make your overclock better i said it MAY,one service it does is provide CLEAN power to your psu, which then can provide CLEANER power to your pc, there are alot of factors. but it CAN helpthey exist for a reason, because your friend has a EE ( weather he does or not, lets assume...
i dunno i can not see the video - it is possible you scared it away !china blocks youtube
but .... potato ..
one word POTATO !~
all of sensors like this have that it is a type of thermistor
it may be big, it may be nothing, some wires are called sense wires and some are not needed -- you would need to test them with a multimeter to verify, but it may not be your issue and you may want to rma it ( meaning it is a pain in the bum ! and you may not want to do it )
only way i know how is to drink lots of beer, fair warning the effect is only temporary !
Again. No need does not make worthless. And I already explained how they help, go read up on power supplies as to why clean power matters, now that does not mean you NEED clean power to turn on a pc, you know you can go buy that 15$ psu... it will power your pc. It is the same concept
i will say it, his EE friend ( isnt it amazing how everyone on the interwebs is a engineer of sorts ~! ) is flat out wrong.or he does NOT understand line conditioners,they do not help short term anything. like with pc psus, they provide QUALITY input power hopefully LENGTHENING the life of equip, but in our terms it can also help with a better oc ( quality power in = more quality power out, more stable power/quality power can = better ocs )now with that said, my UPS...
ALWAYS buy too much, never just enough or you will run out
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