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As long as the containers are clean you will be fine
i figured you did, but i couldnt resist ~ great updates ~! sorry about the relay
if you click on the seller you will find that someone ordered this keyboard, and it was not mech
yea i am done buying these used, got burned once out 240 so ill only buy them new worst case i buy them when we travel to china.
i can walk you through it pick parts. install tube fill power on ( or leak check which i would recommend first )
so you are ! i must of been looking at a / thinking of a different user sorry ! NVM then dont worry about VDDA
sorry i am confused? it sounds as if you have a question but none was asked ?
i am stable @ 300fsb on my 1229pgn chipwhy not? have you ever done it ?please stop asking what volts are needed, find out for your self it is your chip not ours !with 1600 ram you dont need 2700 cpu/nb. with 1 gpu you dont need HT so high,just from your cpu/nb volts i can tell you why your temps are so high you can not just up FSB and run. you need to balance your system. ONE thing at a time, ONE not 4 or 5just because you are on a giga you should try vdda @ 2.695 ( stock...
yes they do
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