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mine doesnt break 61 under prime2x MCP350x2 total of 4 pumps5x480 ( 3 monstas, 1 ut60 and 1 xt45 )slowly converting all fans to my AP 30s pwm modded ( have the fans dont have the time ), it is actually mostly silent >:O ( and usually the fans dont spin up all the way, i have then staggered in 3 different groups first is some shut down completely )DVDfab does not only load my pc more but heats it up far more, and is a far better stability test, on my amd it was the only way...
vrm look warm but not deadlyto those that say prime is not realistic !~
Please Note this is not at all related to anything recently posted !~i did want to post this, as everyone says, " prime is unrealistic, nothing you do will put that much load on " here is my counter argument !~ and i have been doing 3-6 movies a day for others that say you just abuse your chip needlesslyD: [[SPOILER]]
:: that sucks, should replace it your self !~~! much cheaper !~
i d k lol ask tsm sorry
PfftGuinness is the best beer. Beaten only by black and ran. Which has the num1 and num2 best beers ever in itThis
But you look so good holding his mobo.The bad parts would be having to pay for your benifits
gskill has lifetime warranty at least all of them i have seen unless you remove the heat spreaders !~but up to youmin i would recommend with gpu/gpu (* you only count cpu/gpu when finding rad space, generic idea is 120 plus ( #of cpu/gpu x120 ) { aka a 120 for each component you want to cool plus 1 } ) personally i just do 2x120 for each component you have- again this is just a min amount which ever you useyou only count gpu/cpus nothing else will really make enough heat...
absolutely correct, but all this depends on alot, vcore, LLC ect @! but besides die size, your pump can also hold you back ( personal experience as it did when i had 3 gpus, and only one pump ) flow is most important on CPU not as in gpusjust about to mention this as well, it is very important, i know everyone in the 8xxx club does it, but there is a reason i dontyou need to divide the ram usage by 2 ( or the number of cards you have ) tsm brought up you can now disable...
before we go further, 2 things, why are you cooling the ram ( just making sure you know it is just for ascetics ), and you know you will have to void your warranty to do this ? going further, how quiet do you want it? ( i would always recommended filling out rigbuilder ( see my sig and the link in it ) )
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