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pretty sure that is stainless steel
Paper clip ftw
No. Stainless is not an issue. And there is no aluminum in a d5 that I know of
AgreedAgain agreed
AFAIK wermad has Steens, it was it seross. . ,But his might be for saleWhat parts do you have? I have a th10...
Yes. Imo 140s are trash. But this is ONLY my OPINION Afaik vardars are the closest we have in both 140s/120s in terms of silence and performance
Some things are accessible usb only but it just makes life easier imo. If you can't do usb you can make doIt isn't your fault, I did the same thing, you need to buy Flux at a minimum. It works wonders
The only issue I have is the cloning.I love competition. The more there is, the better off their is.I would like to add I have never insulted anyone for using them, just the company themselves.If they had done anything to differentiate themselves rather then cloning as they have I would be all for them. I would use them but stealing products is unforgivable, they are starting to be their own company now. But too little too late imoNo they are not, but heavily...
Yep, but both are ew a they both only accept sfx psus
If you loom down the top of the connector you can see the slot used to insert something to push down the catch when removing the pin That is how I remember it Edit missed a page just like the above shows
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