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simple. plug psu into wall. plug 6/8 pins into card, jump green wire from 24 pin to a black wire ( power switch on psu back off,turn on pc / psu switch at same time, ( if your wires are block you want ps on will have to google a 24pin diagram )you can break your hardware m,ake sure you know what you are doing
yup my 3930k/290x quadfire has 480xeach componentmy 8350/7970quadfire has at least 360xeach component
this, it is mobo dependant but i follow what the modo states, on amd all mobos i have seen say farthest ones first ( a b c d usually b&d )sighmy mobo is properly alinedit is called reverse layoutwhen the last PCIE is filled ( due to quadfire, IE you put a large GPU there ) you have issues with all connections on the ud7 as they are slightly raised which causes them to hit the GPU whether air or water cooledas to my problemcan you show me how to route this monstrosity ...
I can relate. I went to China to get my 1kw leadex plat ( they did not stock the 1200w ) and every time I go I check out the pc stores. Finding stuff there is an amazing pain in the bumAs to moving. I couldn't imaging trying to move in China. ...
not yet stuff gets here tomorrow ( or supposed to )
so i am working on my cabling on amd pc, and i wanted to comment, this is obviously @hurricane28 this is why i love where asus puts the usb3.0 connector, why, it is accessible and convenient, and it works fine with a gpu and even a gpu with a backplate the ud7 on the other hand has the most asinine location for it. remember the ud7 is "for quadfire/sli" see the pcie slot, tell me how you will hook up usb3.0 to it with 4 gpus ( even waterblocked IE single slot ), you...
in my experience normal zone is 2600-2700 however i have seen some 2800+
hahaha you just want to complain about everything you can make it as pretty as you want, that guy made it uggly but you can make it look like thispoint is that you can make it, and very easily pretty easy
for the love of god, please do not buy a 212.... not worth it cpu/nb will be dependent upon what ram speeds you run not gonna see huge gains except with high speed ram
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