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the reason you may need to update firmware btw {in responce to what you said about the ssd being in your pc for so long without issue } is other things get udated { bios, windows ect } and like all forms of hardware some "tweaks" may be needed
i use ace, besides there rather large selection imo much better service
IIRC my th10 has between25-35 or so ( not at home going out on vaca with limited intranet !~ )my m8will have 34-37 ( not sure about the last 2 if i will put some intakes on the ped or leave it blank )meh even with my CL i usually set up 1 to exhaust and the rest intake, air will find its own way out, that is why i use static pressure optimized fansthe extra goes out through all the other ventilation holes
Your mobo had to support stand by power and you have to have your aq plugged into a stand by power usb port
nope " that combs have their place "
poll rate is how often the software "checks" the tempsiirc it shuts down at 92, been forever since i have done it
on top of that there is this thing called polling
dont alot of people inc myself flush with tap water, most will rinse with distilled when doneamds chips DO report quite accurate @ load actuallyalthough not so much @ idle which is inaccurate
In the 140mm scene I recommend 120mm haha. They have made a few fans. But not many worth while imo. I remember when 200 mm rads came out. ..... never worth while imo
have you checked its firmware?Ie Samsung had a bug in the sdd firmware where they would run fine for the first 3 hours then reboot
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