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CASELABS !WARNING GERTY WILL BE JELLY OF THE HAIR !!!!!!!!seriously i envision you as a emotionless robot where as hurr assumes you say it in a "tone"in my head kya you look like this !!come to think of it, i now want a johnny 5 case ( PC )
not really it isnt bad it just depends on what you want pure perf or silence.
i hook mine up to my hot water heater, and blow them out for a few min, then reverse flow never had junk in mine after
which rev, there is no socket temp on the rev 3 ud7
see my sig for how to add to sig !you can add some voltage to the one in bios ( has different names iirc asus calls it NB 1.8v ) that is stock at 1.8vbe GENTLE !!!! if you add to much it can way way overshoot i have seen overshoots of 50mgz ( IE set to 200 and showed 250 )you will ONLY NEED 1.805-1.81 ( +0.005-0.01 ) to help, it does not make it go away. just helps the bouncing !!!
it is very hard to test for stability, why do you want to oc HT ?
some of the best fans in the world have a large hub, and for good reason !
Could be cpu could be bent pins. All 3 are possible
Food for thought from another club
I remember someone making one block. I was like OMG that's so cool Was a flat price of copper with several cups welded to it (each cup was bigger then last) with holes offset so the waterwould have to flow around the cup. To get the most surface area. Intake was in the middle of the cups and it was on the outer perimeter of the last cup
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