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yes it does but nor much !
correct and sata 2/3 cables are the same as well
yea... noand for good measure it can simple ( assuming CPU/lNB ) errors in ram = errors in HDD writes )funny story OT i was at best buy ... geek squad was around ( i was working ) and they told the guy he needed to disable AHCI for windows 7 as it gives no performance boosts ~!
no perf reductions. one way or another the air has to get through the mesh either wayno. just no. push pull IS USELESS ( keep reading, for the REST of this statement ) . forget the noise, but the fact that this is a thin rad designed for low speed fans.... USELESSthis
imo 2 aq 6xts are overkill.other wise you may look into aq6pro or aq5lt and slave it ( with the waterblock ! )really it depends how how they are controlled ( IE PWM vs voltage ) but being the fact that can do 20 fans per channel if 4 channel is enough then you could easily do it from one, depending if you had pumps ect, and depending on amp pull of the fans !
with fans and or pumps they only use the 4th wire, but it is still a pulse,only the cheap fan controllers use the second method you are talking about. same signal just too lazy to send it via the 4th wire
if you buy a aq5 get the water block. not needed for AQ6yes and no. you set it up in windows, however all aqs have their own cpu, and once they are set up they run... just run .
esp for voltage controled, if you get a aq 5 anything you need a water block
or you can be cool like me and be in both ! i like hanging with all the cool kids, not just some !
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