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I reread that and just to clarify, don't buy Intel branded mobos. Intel mobos from major players are fine...If by hefty you mean 5% sure
Try not to get an Intel mobo their mobos leave far too much to desire
But....but....but.... there is no beer?!?!
generally i shut down aa IMO most of the "recent" problems is gamefails aka gameworks aka gamsnoworks
i did oone pc, 100% custom cables and sleaved, not the perfect job, ( first pc ) and i took some time off ( it wears you down ) FINALLY starting my second ! i have had it, but the first one, seriously wore me out ! i know what you are going through ! just throwing in my 2cents ! you could always re drill and tap the holes ! ( this is what i plan on doing ) i have a g1/4 tap and drill bit ! you would need to take it apart however !
just again my quote is only in reference to freenas !!! see if you got a dud ... but ime it is unlikely
i can do 144 hz without issues /... no idea my friend..
my 290s are starting to not be able to game well, but they still work great, at this res. we will see what the next flagship holds, but i love my quadfires !~
i am glad, it sounds like you can access it now !
your a she ? sorry i didnt know. rule 1 of the intranets, assume everyone is a man. rule 2 of the intranets if someone is a woman see rule 1
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