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my goodness starting hobbies sucks, almost outta that rut though just bought all my soldering supplies !
all of the high speed can be modded to PWM you just have to Solder on a fourth wirein other news i have modded 2 of mine :Oyes the 2150s are the high speed version
if i woulda gone to my van today i woulda used my DMMyes it will control both pwm, voltage or a mixture of both
i am willing to bet shipping is based on weight with a min charge just like FCPU and several other sides do it
i would not recommend delidding till you listen to people here who know of other chips on that socket, seemingly per intel ( paraphrasing people in this thread ) if you have a 20c temp difference per core then it is rma able, if you delid, it isnt .... something to think about
i think unless we will have to wait for shoggy to see if the manual is misprinted, but you are right about the layout being different from the aq5 according to the manual
i think you are right now that you mention it but i cant find it,yes they are different as they are backwards,
for me the effects seen were much farther in then 20 min, at 6+ hours i would fail until i did this ( IE with default settings )
wow nice ketch
again change cables, if still happening change LCDS if still have to rma
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