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I loved how it's "compatible with rgb motherboards" I'll keep my caselabs
Looks fine to me, I really don't need the rad dosage I have but yet I just want it, because I can, and I still van get my cpu pretty warm.On that note trying to redo my m8. Having a blast to. Really excited for the update.Will be my first time running d5sAs always check windows power songs, asus someone won't drop multi or voltage when oced for some reasonha ha ha ha I know your pain
Meh I just stopped trying to help people like you with that attitude
Here is hoping
This is further from a true pwm, then closer from what I have read it takes pwm and changes it to voltage control.The real true pwm are the EK v2 pumps and the aquacomputer pwm pumps that are compatable with aquaero
Yep, water is still clean as well. I test water ph and add biocide as I feel necessary. And top offs as needed. Yea kinda blows the whole must change water every 6 months or year outta the water huh? (Pun intended) Soon I will do a full breakdown. Currently rebuilding my m8 first, then I'll transfer my th10 to my tx10 (may rebuild with a 69xx and get to ask of ryzen for other side. Then nas and pfsense router will be going in my th10. On that note I need to...
CongratsSorry I would be asking about that.Iirc yesThe way it is explained to me leds once lit don't have a resistance and the resistor is to protect the led from too much amps ( no idea if this is true, DC components are not my forte. )Otherwise it will burn out (if true the aq header would/ could be damaged as well)@IT Diva?
Mine has been in my pc over 3 year iirc
generally it is fine, water (in general) has a min of 6 month shelf life when it is opened
You would need to voltage control the fan Channel. And at it at 5v or w.e. you want, however why not use resistors? (And the pwm channel
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