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I feel so blue...
I don't expect "ridiculous perfection". I expect a silent and solid scrolling-wheel.
Unfortunately the Naos 7000 has a terrible high LOD on the Propus and the mouse-cursor sometimes moves by itself.Btw: two weeks ago I got a Naos 7000 - so far so good. But that mouse-wheel wobbles like hell...and it has an annoying scrolling-sound as it rattles a lot ! No-go !So I returned it, got a new one...same issue again: mouse-wheel rattles und wobbles to the sides...I mean...are you serious Mionix ?!
Ambidextrous - no thanks I have to hold the mouse in a very uncomfortable way, otherwise I constantly press the damn right-side-buttons by accident.
Quite useful combination: Ducky Shine 2 + Max keyboard Keycaps + Ducky Wrist Rest + DeathAdder Black + Razer Destructor 2 + Roccat Bungee + Beyerdynamics DT 770 pro 250 Ohm + FiiO E10 DAC/Amp
Maybe you need this: mean...the "Ryos Pro" has more features than any other keyboard.
Ahahahaha A rubberdome...oh noes Mechanical keyboards ftw You mean...this combination:Yeah - highly recommended
Ocarina of Time ? You sure haven't played Gothic 1 & Gothic 2+AddOn yet...
Blue is my favourite colour
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