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Quite useful combination: Ducky Shine 2 + Max keyboard Keycaps + Ducky Wrist Rest + DeathAdder Black + Razer Destructor 2 + Roccat Bungee + Beyerdynamics DT 770 pro 250 Ohm + FiiO E10 DAC/Amp
Maybe you need this: mean...the "Ryos Pro" has more features than any other keyboard.
Ahahahaha A rubberdome...oh noes Mechanical keyboards ftw You mean...this combination:Yeah - highly recommended
Ocarina of Time ? You sure haven't played Gothic 1 & Gothic 2+AddOn yet...
Blue is my favourite colour
Do you really need the Razer Nostromo ? I have a Ducky which is far supperior.BTW: I like the combination of red Ducky, blue DA and green 690 Nice cube-case and clean setup - Ducky Shine 2 is still my favourite keyboard
Hmmmm... "computer-rooms" ?
Thx It's a halogen lamp. Pretty bright (only 20 € )Thx for the nice feedback
1. It's a mouse-bungee: recommended 2. Which monitors are recommended for "gaming" ?
Yes indeed, "blue" certainly is my favourite colour
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