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Crysis 1 in 4K + Master-Mod...oh ma gawd that looks sweeeet
I'm a bit worried about the right side. Is there enough space for the annular finger ? On the Razer Imperator or Logitech G400 it clearly wasn't due to that stupid enoying rounded edge
Thanks.I bought them here: overpriced for ABS-caps...I know.If you are searching for PBT ANSI-Caps:
White "Shine"-Caps + blue LEDs =
Annoying Right-side-buttons are annoying as they are totally useless and I often click them by accident
No. Not at all.
No issues so far. I'd buy it again. Clean design, small edges, IPS picture quality, made in Japan. However there's little IPS-glow in the lower left corner...
Eizo FS 2434
I feel so blue...
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