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The 3500 dpi one
The "first version" is actually the first Deathadder version, not the 2013 (i don't like the green colors) that's why the big price difference
Hy guys, i can't decide between the Razer Deathadder (first version) and the Razer Chroma. What would you choose? any advice? I'm wondering if the 25€ difference is worth it, i do care a lot about build quality, so i'd rather spend more for something that will last
Anyone using this with Mac? I'm running Yosemite 10.0.1 and fonts are blurred as hell Forcing RGB mode didn't fix the issue
The Mac is fine, the problem is Windows 8
Recently switched to a Macbook Pro, and now i find the text on this monitor incredibly aliased. Is there any way to improve text?
Yeah i know that. Was just wondering if most people do the same.Are you using it with bigger text too?
Do you guys use any zoom option? I do find the text to be very small at default settings
Which monitor are you using?
Could do anything but enable safe boot mode via CMDTried 85hz but the image seemed to be unstable, 75 hz is working fine hereWill play some games later to see if i notice any difference from 60hz
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