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-Both, using the pc now so desk, but i have a couch too-no particular budget, but the less the amount the better-only CSGO-PS4
I've recently moved to a new city, and i need a portable gaming device Would you recommend for me to get a m-itx PC or just buy a PS4 to make it simple?
I do have the PB278Q but 2k and IPS, the 4k version looks good, but i'm concerned about the TN panel, i'd rather get good colors
Why did you change it in the end? did it look cheap?
I've just found these two LG monitors, both IPS Which one would you recommend? i am not really interested in the USB-C thing 27MU67-B 27UD88-W
Haven't been playing much lately, just a few FIFA matches every once in a whileUsing a macbook tough, i got accustomed to the Retina mode, so that's the main reason for me to buy a 4k monitor4k = 1080p x 2 = Retina mode5k would be even better, but those monitors cost too much indeed
Do you guys have the infamous sleep / wake issue?
My Asus is 2k but 60hz, so i'm used to that
Plastic is fine, if it's quality plastic, my Asus is mostly made of plastic yet still looks premiumWhy is that?That monitor is awesome, but 32" is too much for me
I'm looking for a good quality 4k monitor, but every model i've seen so far has some kind of bugs Some are made of plastics, some others like the Dell, have sleep issues Is there any good quality 4k monitor worth the buy for long term? I'm coming from an Asus PB278Q 2k monitor
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