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I've pre-ordered the Japanese first print limited edition of this game just for my collection. Can't wait for Bloodborne!
Can someone tell me where to order this exactly? I'm thinking of getting 2 of this
Lmao, why would he want to make money from a game? He's already a rich guy marrying a rich woman. If you don't like the idea of him making money off the game then don't buy it.
I like how some (if not all) people are insulting his upcoming game without realizing the reason of why the game is in the making. It's about his dead mother. If your mother dies and you're trying to make a tribute about her but at the same time other people are making jokes about it can be pretty disgusting. Always investigate first before making assumption. I'm not a big fan of Kanye West let alone liking him but we have to be respectful when it comes to personal stuff.
Same old COD + jetpack. Nothing amazing about that.
Top 10 states with fastest Internet: [[SPOILER]] Top 10 states with lowest average Internet speed: [[SPOILER]] SOURCE
man, piracy really suck
SOURCEVery bold statement there Microsoft.
Hundred of species extinct and hundred more new species are discovered everyday. This is quite a find but not very interesting to me. I wish to see a new animal instead of a new species.
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