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hmm.. ok so no way to change it in the bios then. i wonder if that can be patched in the bios.
huhu ... that is not cool... i like the light there when it's on though.there was a setting in the bios that apparently had something to do with the LED but changing the setting didn't do anything. maybe i was doing it wrong...
how do you set the power light to completely turn off when the computer sleeps? right now, it blinks, which kinda disturbs my "sleep", IYKWIM....
well if you need a spare, the 212 can be modded to fit. Check out huwsharpe's signature. He has compiled a list of compatible coolers and mods for the asrock z77e
the dark knight II fits the asrock. I have it on a 3570k runs awesome.
There isn't any auto fan control on the hydra like on the recon, is that right? And no temperature probes. The Hydra is sacrificing a lot more for just an led switch.
So how would I modify it? I would probably need to use two inputs on the recon per fan, one for led and one for fan is that right? I can then daisy all fan outputs to one input and all led outputs to another input. Sounds about right?
Does it do led control?
Recon has nice LCD touch screen but hydra has Led controls. Ideally recon+led control would be best? Any way to hack it? Prices for both are the same and I have to control 4 spectral led pros in a prodigy.
Can the recon be modified to turn on off spectre pro led lights or better yet dim them just like in the hydra pro?
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