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They haven't broken yet...It's really not much. Again, it's not broken yet My not wanting to do either of those still trumps everything else so I don't have anything to say about this
1: You def won't fit huge ram like that. A dimm with an exposed pcb MIGHT go in with the chips touching the heatsink blades. 2: I have a normal SATA cable on an SSD infront of the silver arrow right now. I'd upload a photo but I'm too garbage at this camera business to take one that close where you can see anything so you'll just have to take my word :
Couldn't get any higher than 4.2 without temps getting obscene and garbage voltages and I'm getting ready to RMA my graphics card for the second time (fan is obscene...). Going to try a galaxy card because their rep here was representing in my other thread pretty hard. On the bright side I had no problems at all carrying it down the stairs when I left uni and SSDs are super fun.
I guess I can revert it and return my card if it doesn't work out. Is setting 0% min fan speed terrible?(wear headphones)If I return this one I'll try you guys. KFA2 is the same brand but for europe right?
Because I want to keep my warranty and I don't really want to spend an extra 25% on a cooler that I shouldn't need.My PC is basically silent without the card in, with it there's a hum which is single handedly as loud as everything in my old PC combined + a buzzing sound. I can make a video if you want.As for unplugging, there is a warranty sticker covering the screws :
You'd hope they wouldn't send be back a second faulty one :Quote:Originally Posted by Galaxy Passively cooled cards have their place, but it shouldn't be necessary to go that far just to have a good gaming experience under normal circumstances. I haven't used eVGA's version, but I never heard a whisper out of our GTX 650 or GTX 650 Ti. Looking back at my notes, the GTX 650 GC spun up to a still barely audible 27dB under maximum load, and the GTX 650 Ti GC was just 2dB...
Would taping the fan damage it or would it just start running way hot? It hits like 35'C under load... GT 640 is just a little too sucky for my needs :
Yes but it presses up against the graphics card power connector
Sorry to bump this, but I got a replacement and it too is obnoxiously loud and makes a buzzing sound up close. Is taping the fan so it can't spin an awful idea? If it is, who makes a silent GTX 650 with a small PCB that I can get in the UK? I'm not really ok spending like £25 on a passive cooler.
Struggling with my overclock... Seems fine at 4.2GHz on -0.015V offset, sits at around 70-75'C in linpack and CPU-Z says 1.16V, but increasing to 4.3 seems to ruin everything - crashing at +0.015 offset and 1.216 in CPU-Z... any suggestions? edit: just kidding WHEA errors... bumping up to -0.01 2.edit: survived like 1-2 hours of linpack on +0.01V, no chance of hitting any higher than 4.2 :
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