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I personally have not had any tearing, but that is me.
So...can't use freesync because its not technically a freesync monitor huh
Seriously? So my 8320 cant handle this? Yes I know I am talking cpu.
I like the metro stuff, never got it my way at all and I even use a few of the metro apps. I recently purchased a windows phone and the built in metro app on my pc worked fantastic with it.
Summer hit and let me tell you right now, my computer is hot and I am seeking out liquid cooling options. I have liquid cooled before and I have the knowledge to some extent. My fx-8320 is clocked at 4.12 GHz, and I am currently using a xigmatek dark knight ii cooler. It is doing the job but I really am looking for a setup to keep the temp a little cooler, and maybe overclock more and keep the temp down. But this cpu is a hot one, and I do not plan on upgrading the cpu...
Aw now I am not sure what to get, I was going to buy the the Kraken X41 for kicks now I am not sure what to buy.
All I think it really comes down to is aesthetics, even people that are building a budget system want to make their rig look sweet. Some are probably willing to pay a little more for it too even though it is a budget system. Plus obviously you get the features of a ROG board to play with and experiment with, and high grade components.
I personally do not agree with what happened here, but I could see how to government might look into the company. What I do not get is how they tortured this man legally.
14.4 looks like, is there a new one out?Also it usual lags in the unplayable sections, videos whatever you want to call them.
i am playing this now and getting some occasional lag? playing on ultra and my system specs are in my signature. everything runs fine but i have some lag any idea why? P.S. anyone know how to change fire modes on the assault rifle?
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