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Ugh no gaudy gold please, I am not a pimp. Would like to see more boards featuring silver, matches better with everything.
I thought msi had about 4 different versions of the gaming board line, all with different price points.
I want to buy a 760T so bad, but I have to stop buying cases. They are stock piling up in my room, I bought 3 cases last year.
No way I would choose that board over one of msi's gaming edition boards. If the price and features are close, consumers are going to end up choosing msi for the aesthetics alone.
I am not going to lie I was pretty disturbed when I first saw this post. This could help speed up development and production of the units, wild guess but this might help oculus get closer to market. Lets see what happens, just because oculus got bought out by facebook does not mean it is going to be a facebook product. This point I am about to make people may disagree on. I know as well as does everyone that facebook is evil, but do i still use it? I do actually. Would i...
I am sick of this clown.
I am very skeptical of this game, Bioware has just been plain disappointing lately. I hope for the best but I am expecting the worst after DA2 flopped and ME3 broke my heart. As far as the use of Frostbite, I am just not sure. I say leave Frostbite for FPS games, but lets see how they utilize it. However if they butcher the story and characters, I will feel as though Bioware has finally taken a wooden plank and smacked me over the head with it.
i am not an investor, but i do have one small request for microsofts new ceo. bring halo back to pc, that is all sir.
Eh it is ok, I still love valve anyways.
Why is the question. Honestly I am not big on phone games period, but it makes for a good phone game. You pick it up start playing and beating your or your friends score, seems like the perfect phone game to me.
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