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Hey Mayhem... Thought I'd give you a heads up about my system with your MAYHEMS X1 OIL BLACK. Mixed it as per instructions with plain Distilled water. Been running strong for year now, with almost 24/7 use. No colour changes to the coolant. No colour changes to the tubing. No colour changes to any of the pvc components. No changes to system performance. i7 3820 oc 4.6ghz@1.28v Asus Rampage Formula IV Gigabyte 7950 oc 1100/1575 Intel 330 SSD Koolance 380i 1/2 3/4...
Would go none of them. i7 3820 all the way. Cheaper than all the 3 above and just as fast. Overclocks to 5ghz easily. Also x79 has more than enough pcie lanes for 3 7950's, where the z77 & z87 do not. Ramage Formula IV is a brilliant board.
Why not get a H110 ? That has a 280mm rad.
Am considering building myself another i7 3820 system. Looking at the Rampage IV GENE. Want to build something in the smallest case I can find and sqeeze a custom loop into it. I think Silverstone make a good m-atx case, can anyone suggest any other cases? Modding a Bitfenix Prodigy for m-atx is a possibility I have considered also
Yeah Im tempted to bust open the bios and crank the voltage and clock speed up for some mad benching. But can not bring myself to do it, this 5ghz chip is so stable I just don't want to fudge with it.
Then up the ram voltage a bit. 1666 isnt going to be hard to get stable nor is it even close to stress the IMC.What are you settings?Post a pic of your bios settings or type them.
3+ months and going strong. Mayhems Oil black xt-1 concentrate & Plain Distilled water Primochill LRT Advanced Blood Red Looks like that day I filled the system. The Oil Black looks totally brilliant.
Been loving the cold days/nights in Adelaide this last week. Came home last night from work and the outside ambient was 6c and inside was 15c. Cranked up the 5ghz 3820 to find water temps of 16c and idle temps of 21-22c. Oh how i love winter.
Im guesing you dont understand how the blk strap works. 125 strap will change the blk to 125... But it isnt actually 125 for the things that can be neg effected by high blk, like the pcie lanes etc...To the op... I dont see whats wrong with 1666 ram speed, it will run fine if native 1600 or even 1333.Seriously if your overclocking these chips without using the blk strap... Your just doing it wrong.
I dont understand why you are not using the blk strap. Its soul purpose is to help overclocking. Go read a few guides on Haswell and x79 overclocking. It is easier to overclock a Haswell than a Ivy, just temps holding the overclocks back due to additions on the Haswell die.
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