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Very sexy indeed. Price? Didn't see it at source.
Yea I remember them saying just like confirmation . I will be getting an ultrabook with this in it. Now just have to figure out which one out of so many. Are dual cores the only option for ultras?
Interesting. Can you derive the ipc increase from this or do we need more numbers?
Computer is in my sig. Favorite color is green.
220 for the 3770k 120 for the mb 100 for the ram All prices are shipped. Sorry I don't know anything about water blocks. All together shipped? 400.
You care enough to respond to something I shouldn't care about huh? I care bc its annoying when people don't even search which is required before posting.
I used my eyes AND brain. Site and source doesn't matter it's the same story. I guess your pride won't let you admit you didn't search and this is a repost
Can you at least search? 1st result.
On topic. Go tor!
First sig quote. Thank you sir
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