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What is better to use? I researched some but thought after weighing all pros and cons that lastpass was the best. I literally just ordered the yubico and lastpass premium. I havnt received the key yet or created my lastpass. I also just read how yubico went closed source. Thoughts? Should i return?
There is no dark side of the moon and yes there are valuables due to meteor strikes and the collision with earth.
Excuse my ignorance, but why do these standards take so long to come out. I get we dont have cards to run 8k 60fps just yet, or cheaply but we should only be waiting for the cards to play not the interface/standard. Or am i missing the reason why this happens.
Thats why i put known Also as far as predators lets not forget whos top: the killer whale.
For people saying things were always bigger a long time ago, lets not forgot the largest animal ever known is alive today.
Do you have access to Cincinnati bell? and i can't blame you to be back to complain! selfless bump to get the word out. everyone test and take appropriate action.
I do have gpuz. would it be helpful to screenshot? My asic is 76.7. I know they do boost which is awesome. I appreciate your help. Hows your card?
So i have tried reading but am lost! I bought the g1 gaming from amazon a few days ago. Havent done much but tried 1405mhz and it failed eventually so maybe im not doing something right. This was without chaning any other settings. I was using evga precision x and their oc scanner to test. This card is plenty fast for me at stock but i would like to oc it to the point of "acceptably safe" . i dont mind pushing it as long as it will last me 4 years or so. Any help would...
An update. 400 pounds a month!
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