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hahaha we had dp on 580 but people defended titan. . now no dp and people still defend it? unbelievable
Thanks missalaire. And just noticed I only said guys when i asked the question. I meant guys/gals
Hey guys couple of questions. 1. Shell shocker is only good through the day? 2. I know price is good but what about the timings? 3. Is that voltage ok with IVY E? I thought the max is 1.5v? For this if anyone could also provide links/proof that would be greatly appreciated. I usually search myself but can't till after the sale would be over. +rep for ANY help. thanks,
Read this until you understand fully and don't change things until then. If so you could damage/ruin them.
As long as temps are under the max, then yes. But it is all but impossible the stock cooler will achieve that. What is your vcore with 4.4? Don't leave it at auto for the MB to pick. Just be patient and wait till you get a real cooler. 4.4 is already plenty good.
I would say about 80 shipped
Subbed. I have a lot to learn
I have been looking at getting a gaming mouse but have done zero research into it. Would this be a good one to start with? Also what about a good gaming keyboard. Thanks and +rep for any help
i believe this is the same as this :
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