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I would say 225 shipped.
In! As a KY resident I was like "sweet no way anyone would drive far for this stuff" Then I realized how much awesome stuff you were giving away. Amazing generosity right there!
Won't be available till 2018 for use. =/ I was really excited thinking this would be soon but why talk about something so far away/? I get they need time to build and develop but by the time this comes out there will be many other systems but there are comparing them to systems now. Using IBM 9 CPU and Volta GPU.
16:) Beat by just a nickname.
^^^Great first post being a necro!
still looking?
My favorite memory about ocn was when they were giving away the $2500 for people to build their dream systems. Tidbit about me: I look more like my great great grandfather than anyone else alive in my family. Genetics are awesome! red alert 3
I would say about 225
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