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Subbed for reading and questions to come
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Most tech before it came to masses was said to be too expensive to come to the masses.
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Unless the title was changed it is posted correctly so why do you have a problem with it? OT: It is still positive and I hope they continue to improve.
All I am saying is what makes you who you are is for a fact your life experiences. Hence why Alzheimers robs the person of life. They cease to remember what made them who they are. Another example is brain damage. Especially damage to the frontal lobe area. Depending on how badly the damage is people lose what we call morals as the frontal lobe controls anger and impulse control mostly. So these people that where fine with morals, now all the sudden, when they have sexual...
This is awesome! This century will have the biggest advancements in biology for sure and I can't wait to have the choice to live forever.Well all a person's soul is, is their personality. So once we have figure out how to decode the brain we will be able to clone body and mind/personality. Replicating experiences or planting memories should not be that hard with time. I say by 2035.
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