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An update. 400 pounds a month!
Work has excess every month. Just trying to find a solution and thought the extreme coolers would like. Please pm me for more details.
In please
How do we know this is legit/reliable. Open source? Sorry for ignorance.
I second the n14us. I have it and it worka great. Paging @doyll . Hes one of the experts on fans and coolers. E. You beat me by 2 minutes doyll Would you happen to have any tests with the newer du15s?
Well fwiw my ping is always less than 20 ms.
Thanks for the replies. It may not be an issue in practice for just watching yt or netflix but i guess more principal. I ran it again and it said fair with my lowest resilt being like 60mbs so idk whats going on with it.
Anyone else use ixquix?
It is back up and running as I just ran it for the first time. So it says mine is fair but when I DL from steam I get full speed wired(1 Gb) and half speed wireless (.47Gb) Should I call and complain or not since steam gives full power when wired?
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