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I cant tell but is the nuke metal?
Is that adapter the fastest i can get for wireless im assuming? I dont want to trade quality for speed but it would be nice to get 1 Gb wirelessly.
Thanks for all your help. I will be using use your recommendation of 8.1. I picked up the netgear r8000 bc i was able to get it for $90. Should i go pci for the wireless adapter or usb 3?
Thanks for your reply. Sorry about not being clear. I want to dvr from a cable company.
I second x99 and it would not be much more expensive for ddr4
bump please
Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am looking at upgrading to gigabit net but am also trying to cut my bill at same time. So i am going to buy my own router and if feasible make my computer a dvr. I have not kept up with router tech tbh but i know i need ac wireless and gigabit ports. Before i started researching i wanted to know if there were certains things/brands to look for. Any recommendations are welcome please. As far as dvr i am even more clueless. I tried it back in...
Sorry if common knowledge but I thought a price drop was coming for the 980 and 980ti. Is that the case? Thanks,
Welcome! Those temps are most definitely ok. You don't need to worry until you're in the 90's and even then you still have wiggle room. I would link the proof but unfortunately I am at work.
For everyone saying a new market will pop up, you are correct it will. But what only a few people seem to grasp is that advances in AI will replace the human. Once a robot is smarter than a human that means they can replace 99.99 percent of jobs out there. What are we going to do about that? Obviously we will need a complete change in the way we live but it is certain that the vast majority of us will not be working.
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