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Well fwiw my ping is always less than 20 ms.
Thanks for the replies. It may not be an issue in practice for just watching yt or netflix but i guess more principal. I ran it again and it said fair with my lowest resilt being like 60mbs so idk whats going on with it.
Anyone else use ixquix?
It is back up and running as I just ran it for the first time. So it says mine is fair but when I DL from steam I get full speed wired(1 Gb) and half speed wireless (.47Gb) Should I call and complain or not since steam gives full power when wired?
Yes it is really sad how much we are getting screwed and the majority of people have no clue. I am by no means well versed in economics but a little digging and it is clear that we are being taken advantage of in many markets. All we can do is keep talking to others, informing them, and signing petitions, writing/ calling our senators.Another example besides mine is, IIRC, a municipal ISP in Chattanooga TN. We have a few members here with their service and all have it...
I know im lucky but i have all three which proves these companies are price fixing.I pay 110 a month for almost the best tv package, 3 dvr boxes, and 1 gig down 250 up.This is me being 20 miles away from the biggest city of cincinnati.
I admit I don't know much about any RTS games. The last I played was Supreme Commander 2 with mods. I loved that game. I tried playing C&C after that but couldn't get past not being able to zoom all the way out. Any others like that?
I cant tell but is the nuke metal?
Is that adapter the fastest i can get for wireless im assuming? I dont want to trade quality for speed but it would be nice to get 1 Gb wirelessly.
Thanks for all your help. I will be using use your recommendation of 8.1. I picked up the netgear r8000 bc i was able to get it for $90. Should i go pci for the wireless adapter or usb 3?
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