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nice, very clean looking.
maybe not noticeable to a blind person, but for me i can't enjoy something when it's not perfect, but that's just me, we are all different, and for someone this would be ok, but me not ok.
dead pixels. Don't know about the pixel inversion, did not make any tests. There is no blb.
the coating is the same.
just bought the asus pg278q, to see if i can this one without dead pixels, but no luck-
sell them with reduced price, i know the shop i bought many of the Asus pg278q, and all of them got returned, but as they dont see dead pixels as problem, they just put for sale again. That's why i never buy any demo models of the monitors, because i know 99% is something wrong.
so they want your money, and u to be happy with the crappy monitors they send out.
i would say keep that Qnix, not worth playing this can i get a good monitor game. I went through 10 pg278q, and than 5 Acer xb270hu and now the first Asus pg279q with dirt/dust in the panel
Got a refund for my crappy pg279q, i am now not sure, if i want to try again. I am just tired of getting crappy monitors. I did this with Asus pg278q never could get a perfect one, than Acer xb270hu, same problems. Now with Asus pg279q.
haha, i hope not
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