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If you don't like the mouse then go with the defective/doesn't work properly option.
It's part of Amazon Prime.
I went with the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Supremacy. Ran the Mionix SQAT and it yields 90% which Mionix pads can only equal but not beat.Should point out I dumped my Logitech G502 for the NAOS 7000 and love this mouse. One of the most comfortable and responsive mice I've owned in the 20 years I've been gaming. Can't wait for Halo 5 in about a week!
Yeah, I use a mouse/keyboard on my Xbox One. Turns out I can create my own keycaps over at WASD Keyboards so that's what I'm doing.
Anyone know where you can find keycaps that represent the controls on an Xbox One controller, e.g. the A B X Y buttons, RB, LB, RT, LT, etc? I know there are a lot of custom keycaps such as but I'm looking for an Xbox controller set. Thanks.
Since I'll be using my NAOS 7000 to play on my Xbox One I plan on just running the basic software to set up one DPI setting and clear any default button assignments so I can map them to the Xbox controller.
That's what I love about Amazon Prime and their 30-day return policy. If you don't like the way a pad works then send it back.Well if it's not broke then don't fix it. I know a lot of guys who love gaming mice that have been around for years, e.g. the Logitech G400/400s. Only problem is that Logitech no longer makes them. I tried the G502 but didn't like the shape which is why I bought the NAOS 7000. Keeping my fingers crossed since Halo 5 is less than 2 months away and I...
I've found pads to be based on personal preference. If you like cloth pads then the QcK Heavy is always a solid choice. For me I started with cloth and moved to hard surfaces b/c it works better with my play style in FPS games.The NAOS 7000 has software that "rates" the quality of your pad. My NAOS doesn't arrive until tomorrow so I won't know how well my current pad works.Curious to see what pads other NAOS 7000 users are playing with.
One reason I bought this mouse is b/c I have larger hands. Currently have the G502 which is too small so I'll be selling it.Tomorrow the new Mionix Castor comes out. It's designed to cater to both claw and palm users which should be interesting:
For those who have this mouse, what pad are you using?
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