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Try to get in contact with Kirsty in HR, she can get you in touch with the right people if you ask nicely;-)
hehe true true;) ill get another 7970 and if that one is a dud as well, ill go 680s, ill keep my fingers crossed for you getting the cards (are you dealing with MSI UK or Taiwan?)
all i got left is to hope some one buys the weaker one for some reasonable money and that MSI will at least give me a good discount;) what do you think are the chances of getting another card that will barely do 1200mhz at 1.35v???
the ones i got dont want to work well together either and even thou the mem goes up to 1800 no problem, those low core clocks on the second 7970 are way worse for points;(
driftingforlife: they did, but since i cant really get much out of them there not gone give me another one/two:( so i need to make due with what i got:/ im jelly about either one of your 7970s;) PizzaMan: well figure of speech;) obviously it wasnt for free, but what ive paid id have to shell out on the cpu/mb and gpus alone, not to mention the ss, case with water cooling and all other parts i got of him;)
one 7970 goes up to 1270/1280 on the gpu, the other barely can do 1200/1210:( both do 1800 on mem no problem, guess ill be selling the weaker one to try my luck again:(
ohh, well i did buy my gear from someone, didnt get it new, ive mentioned that many times thou. I got it all at a bargain from a chap i used to work with, he was down on his luck with cash and was going back home so I used the opportunity and got my self some class hardware for peanuts;) Some of the parts i got worked only a few days, two cards actually never worked (a 9800gt and a gtx 580 , both artifact even in bios:(
ohhh well then:) it also looks im getting around 10mhz less on the gpu when the cpu is under cold.... which results in actually a bit lower scores on the 5330mhz in 3d11 and Heaven then with the cpu at 5118 and mems at 2450:( how high on volts should i go on this cpu when under ss? I think once i do all the benches i need and know for sure i cant get more out of it ill sell the cpu and mb and get a maximus V with a 3770k... unless i can come up with some funds over the...
NoGuru???? driftingforlife: that would be an awful shame, the one i got originally when i bought my parts from a work mate died like 2 weeks after.... so this is a brand new spanking board;(
xxbassplayerxx: Great, so its not necessarily my lack of skill, but might by actually just bad luck with the cpu right?? any idea thou why the mems would run 2450 np when cpu is under water but with same settings wouldnt work when cpu is under ss? if im able to bench wprime32 at 5330 then i should be able to run vantage as well just with higher volts ye (it bsods on the first cpu test, either pc just restarts, or i get a bsod 101 or 01)? el gappo: that i do buddy;) the...
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