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Coming from a G400 i finally went for the Rival 100 and after using it for 3-4 months the left click became very stiff and i also had the feeling it was alot LESS precise than my G400 sensor-wise. I'm not going to use it anymore and I'm using a G402 now for a few weeks wich is superior compared to the rival imo.
I'm using the G402 for a few weeks now and it feels way smaller than my previous G400. Can't really tell if i like the shape more, but the sensor feels a lot more responsive and precise than my G400.
Thanks for your reply. I personally don't like stiff switches aswell so i might go look for something else .
Not sure if someone can help me me out with this but I've been using the Logitech G400 for over 3 years now and i'm thinking of making the step to the rival 100 mouse. Is there anyone familiar with both of these mices and know if it's worth it to replace my current g400? It's still working good after those 3 years but i'm just in the need of something else i guess. My main purpose is to use it for FPS games (CSGO).
Thanks for the advice, i might aswell go for this one. (staying loyal to sennheiser )
How is your experience with the PC360? Might as well go for sennheiser again.
double post
I've had it for 2,5 years. The sound itself is still working but it's the right earcup-holder that broke on the upper part. Tried to fix it with tape but seems impossible
It's been a while since i've posted here, but my 3570k@4.5ghz has been running stable for more than 2 years now thanks to this thread! I want to thank everyone here who helped me out especially (JustAndOldMan) since i was totally clueless about overclocking and he litteraly helped me out with everything back then .
My Sennheiser PC350 is broken since yesterday. I'm now looking to buy a Superlux HD668. Is this in terms of quality and comfort compareable to the Sennheiser PC350 or are there any other recommendations for a different model? I'm using a Asux Xonar DG soundcard and i mainly play fps games (csgo). Thanks in advance
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