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Dear garikfox, many thanks. let me try.
Dear garikfox, many thanks for your reply. The original orom v7.x is too old for SSD. How about orom v8.5? Would you mind to try it for me?
Dear garikfox, Would you mind to use Asus P5k Pro v1303 bios to custom with orom v8.9? Many Thanks
Dear garikfox, Thanks for your help. How can i know which latest version orom i can use for my P5k Pro? Would you mind to teach me how to know it? However, if i want to use 2 3TB HDD for raid 1, which version can do it? Many thanks
Sorry for late reply. Many thanks for your help. Please kindly using the ROM for my P5k Pro.
My motherboard is Asus P5K Pro. Would you mind to help me to update the orom to latest version? Many thanks for your help
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