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I finally have the system running now. I just have to do a few tweaks before sleeving and so on.  
So I've got a few more pictures of the build. I've started to bend some acrylic pieces for the build. Lets see how it turns out!   So in case you haven't noticed, I'm running a (second hand) aquaero 5 lt with the RTC addon. I've switched to using linux (openSUSE 13.2) on my other computers so managing the aquaero may prove to be a problem.
Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in a LONG time. So much has gone on in the past few months, but now that it's the holidays I can finally take a break.   Enjoy!   Originally this used to be a HDD bay/zone, but I had a spare rad, so why not? XD.   It's a bit hard to tell in this picture, but the PCIe slots really started to loose their color. It went from a deep red to a much lighter almost EVGA pink color.     I moved to a CaseLabs S5, and did a...
[[SPOILER]]  Beware of the Koolance Compression fittings. I would use something with a nicer grip on the tubing. XSPC compression fittings are well known for their grip on the tubing.Also keep a good eye on the conditions of those radiators. It's too easy to get a bad radiator and not notice until it causes problems The rest is fine. Just make sure you clean out all the parts before installing it into a loop. Getting the whole set for $150 is a steal.
If you are comfortable with a bit of modding, you can replace the tubing with something shorter in length, but you would have to make room for a small T-line setup.  Otherwise, it would be incredibly difficult to find a CLC with tubing to fit your requirements. Cooler Master has a 240mm that allows you to vary tubing length and add parts to your loop if you went the 240mm route.
Alphacool makes their radiators pretty awesome but refuses to properly clean them before selling them.  That means there's a lot of garbage inside the radiators which will eventually inhibit performance.  Mayhems designed a cleaning kit  specifically because of the problem.  It's a bit more work, but consider that a one to two degree drop in temps might not be worth an hour of labour.
Oh. Sorry! Should have read more carefully.
I know acetone vapour works very well. However, it is a bit dangerous if not done correctly.
Extreme Fans on sale at Newark. I believe there is a PWM mod for these.
Don't use the silver kill coil. Exchange it for Copper based biocides (e.g. Mayhems Biocide Extreme). XSPC EX/RX series will offer much better cooling for the money. Consider using the top fans as exhaust to prevent hot air from increasing motherboard temps. For your cooling needs, a push/pull set up is a huge waste of money. You won't see enough of a benefit to justify the extra cost. XSPC makes a compression fitting for 3/8x5/8 that is about 4 dollars a pop. Half as...
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