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Can someone hook up their ps3 and tell me if they can watch blurays?
Anyone having trouble watching blurays on the ps3 with this screen?
I have done as you said but no one seems to have any advice for my issue
Can anyone offer some help with my blu ray issue?
Hey guys i took delivery of my yamakasi catleap q270 yesterday and until now everything has worked great but i just tryed to watch a blu ray on my ps3 and the screen kind of turns its self off the power light stays green and i can hear the movie sound in my headphones but there's nothing on the display. When i eject the blu ray the screen comes straight back on. Is this normal ? or have i gotten a potentially defective screen? Thanks in advance. edit ive tryed detecting...
Hi guys sorry for the potentially stupid question but if i was to get one of these monitors would my ps3 and sky+ hd tv box work? the monitor im considering is the achieva 27" on ebay
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