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This sale is for both cards sold together. Both are card only. 120$ shipped and they are both yours.
I run a machine the size of a freight train making 5.56 bullets for the government. My hobbies now are my 3d printer and my cnc router. I have designed and built 3 cnc routers now.
Thank you
I've always been an Nvidia guy but recently was given an R6990 as payment. I know the card is 4-5 years old already. It has never been overclocked, never been crossfired (port still covered), and no physical defects to be seen. I only have said card without box or paperwork.
I live close to Kansas City but don't have Google Fiber available to me but still got the "upgrade". My speedtest results went from 24 to 29mbps.
Awesome. *On Sprint*
So now he is Snoop Dogg again. What happened to Snoop Lion?
Notice the blacked out bar at the top and bottom of the phone? Dedicated music stereo speakers?
It's now 89 after MIR. The Egg
Told my friend about this only after ordering 4 of them. My order was cancelled saying they were out of stock. His order of 2 went through. They were out of stock as well but were going to send them his when they get them back in stock at the price he paid. =/ Mine = antonline His = HPP Enterprise
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