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I don't have the photos saved on OCN, but it is Mini v 2.0 in my sig.
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Until the numbers wear off from too much use and a 6 digit combination becomes a bit easier to guess.
Now if only they would release the dock for the Nexus 7 they showed pictures of quite some time ago and take my money for it, I'd be happy. /rant
Non removable means they were saving space in the phone similar to what Apple was doing. If it was removable it would be a smaller battery. I have the HTC Evo 4g LTE and have owned the OG Evo. I see no issues with it being non removable considering if the battery fails it is still swappable with a couple screws removed. Just hope the charging port is on the bottom of the phone to help people wanting the extended life batteries. The Evo LTE is on the side of the phone...
Not much to add myself in terms of which cpu to choose, but this guy managed to fit a full atx board in his with some clever space management. Might let you rethink to a higher spec cpu to use.
This is good for businesses. I actually like an idea from Apple. Wow. I work at a hardware store and we got some iPhone 4s's that everyone I think knows not to mess with them and install games or other programs due to the "if you do you are fired, end of discussion" speech. This though really emphasizes that.
In for the win.
I got a server without hard drives and was looking to find some dirt cheap caddies that fit it. Hoping to have 4 matching ones if possible.
Pledged. Game looks really fun.
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