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Got mine from microcenter today, for 289.99 like most people. The store had 10+ left. (this is the overland park, ks store) Now I just have to wait for my Gene V to arrive.
500 sound good? and yes, it's the 980x with the unlocked multiplier
I only opened the box to make sure everything was there. The board has never been used or registered on Gigabytes website. I am not interested in trades. Paypal preferred. The price is shipped. First pm first serve. Price drop 75$ 6/10/12
I can do this when I get home and get a picture of the Kill-a-watt wattage plugged into the wall. ^_^
At a LAN party now and the Fractal guys are here showcasing a bunch of their cases. I am impressed at the build quality of their cases and may consider them for my next case.
What frequencies were you running it at? What was the highest stable? What volts was it at?
The board is an evga e758-rx x58 board and I'm selling it for 60$ shipped. The board only comes with the I/O plate, and 1 sli bridge. Non smokers home, no damage to board, works 100% First pm first serve. Price lowered 6/10/12
I would go with a Geforce mx 4000. That would slow him down for sure. It's pci....just pci.
Bring Up My Post
Talking about overclocking. EVGA SC+ w/ backplate These are the highest stable I could achieve. Card 1 Power Target 132% GPU offset +35 (1237mhz) mem offset +270 (3375mhz) Card 2 Power Target 132% GPU offset +0 (1176mhz) mem offset +270 (3375mhz)
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