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Well guys I'm sorry to say that I am selling my computer and if your interested, please message me. This would be a great computer to use if you want to join the loan boy air club. There are pictures above
Prepare for a mass assault of update photos lol I've added a new creative sound card, gold paint job and an asus z87 pro motherboard And my new custom on/off switch
Now to unveil my newest update: got the z87 and am waiting on my 4th gen i7 to come in but I repainted the case and pictures just don't do it enough good haha. More pics to come soon!
Update released! now includes snipers and stuff!!! server going up! 16G RAM SEARCH IN THE FILTER: [OCN]
Just buy a cardboard box and put your parts in it. Very subtle and nobody would know it was a computer haha. other than that, VAIO makes alot of subtle nice looking cases.
I have searched everywhere and cannot find any gold colored cable wraps for cable management. Does anybody have a link (or even some wrap) for gold wrap?... Thanks!
Make it origins mod... Many people join and its 10x better than any other mod... As for the Arma 3 server, i can host the official one (ill throw my other compuer on 24/7) until the final release, then i can send you the server files (games, missions, mods, etc... for the full OCN server)...
Lol i beat you too it... i turned min off until the beta because it gets old, fast with what there is to do... Iv been tinkering with custom missions and there is not much flavor possible in this stage of the game... as for the server, i am running a 16G RAM server but arma 3 alpha is more client side rather than server side and lag is always present no matter what, even with a 64G RAM server... I will be putting mine up when the beta comes out this june and will be...
But if you really want to have fun... origins is where its at... Way more fun than any other dayz mod...
I cant stop watching your gif XD ITS SOO FRICKING ENTERTAINING HYBRID!
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