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I personally thought both 13 and 13-2 were fantastic. I liked 13-2 because it streamlined (it seemed to me) quite a bit from the first one. It was also much more of an open world than 13 was. I've yet to get through it due to not really having time to play consistently but I'm working on it XD Also one of the things that pissed me off about 13 was the fact that for Sazhs edilon battle you almost absolutely had to have haste unlocked with him in order to beat it. I had to...
Lol I've heard the rumors about the HD remake but I never knew there was a tech demo. I mean its kinda like the HL3 bit at this point.
I think I might need to change my pants after seeing that. If only they would actually remake it for PS3 like that.
Do you have a link for this vid? it would be amazing to see.
In a way I'm surprised this thread has survived this long since I created it, but then on the other hand had thought would get more replies as well since its such a huge series and almost everyone and their mother has played it at one point or another. Meh either way its awesome to see this many people responding to it XD P.S. yes I was originally on here as Wolfeshaman but due to unfortunate things lost that account info and the email attached to it
PM me your email
Jahocowi your copy has been sent! There are still 2 unclaimed copies!
Mine is pretty simple Crysis 1&2 Skyrim Witcher 2 Alice the Madness returns Thanks for posting this awesome thing!
Copy sent. Still three that have not been claimed.
BeOtCh : Your copy has been sent to your email. Still waiting on the other two and have two copies unclaimed. Whoever the person who is named SyKoTiC_ReALM you need to let me know on here who you are.
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