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I'm glad you posted this before i decided to go with the Z or Zx. In regards to your earlier post, the only problem i have with the audio technica M50s is that they are fully closed and would prefer something i can wear all day and not get to hot.Thanks for all the feedback.
Thank you for the recommendation, i will most likely go with this setup, but on the DT990's are you referring to the 250ohm? Also i am somewhat confused on the soundblaster z and zx, if i'm going to get the zx is the built in mic quality good enough to constitute not buying a separate mic?
I probably shouldn't have mentioned the mic and price as it seems confusing now. but i have a budget of 400 for headset/ sound card/ possible amp. I have another $100 to spend on a mic, someone had recommended me the Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Cardioid) which is $70 on amazon right now. I have no preference as to open or closed headset, but i know some of the closed can get hot with extended use and i would like to avoid that as i will be wearing them for...
i'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to sound quality, but i have been reading through the forums for a wile and thought it was time to make an upgrade from my on board audio and my crappy gaming headset. >My budget caps out at $400 as i will also need to purchase a mic, currently looking at one for $80. But the highest i can go on headphones and sound card is $400, pref staying at or below $350 >The music i listen to mainly is trance and other electronic music,...
Which is the newest firmware as i'm currently using 30a which i updated to when i got the mouse. Although the design of the mouse is still somewhat small for me, but if the tracking is no longer a problem i may just continue to use it and see how it pans out.
Hey guys, i'm in a bit of a predicament here. First let me explain my situation recently i have been in the market for a new gaming mouse, i am a fingertip user and i mostly play MMO's and SC2, along with the occasional fps. For the last 2 years i have been using the naga but the tracking is sub par and i don't use any more then a few buttons on the side at any given time, if any . I was recommended the g9x by a friend but this mouse felt very awkward to me and i returned...
1. no i don't own a SSD, yes i'm looking to purchase in the near future. I would consider Intel, Samsung, Kingston. 2. price first followed by performance.
So i have heard good things about the cobra and i am currently in the market for a new optical mouse although i am unsure of which sensors are good right now. I have also been looking at a few steelseries, just looking for some advice thx
Are there currently any promo codes for this monitor as i would like to order direct form benq.
Actually i'm thinking about just getting the benq XL2420T as i would like 120hz with a low input lag as my top 2 priorities, although i have heard they often have back light bleeding.
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