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So i got Overclocked i5-750 but the ambient temp is pretty...uh..High i guess? 45-48*c Im also using Hyper 212+ Evo with AS5 Vcore Voltage : 1.304 GHz : 3,61
Hello , i think there will be [EVEN IS] a time for some upgrade for my CPU aand.... i5 750 3,5GHz [OC] to > i7 870 Or buy new mobo and i5 4570 ?
Well my room is small so the speakers will be like 1 feet away. I just didn't know the exact specs of this system but now i know everything. Single speaker is 110w so i guess that it's good cause it will get more power from the Amplifer. It's rated on 140w so yeah , it should be perfect :]
Thanks , so i think that 2x100w will be nice :] Yeah , about "blasting'. I like loud music so yeah i hope it will be okay Im getting my speakers tomorrow or even today :] I saw some opinions and people say that they are great so yeah :]
Hello , i got Pioneer IS-21MD HiFi Shelf System and i dont have original speakers from it but i want to buy a new speakers. I saw nice Pioneer CS780 speakers for a nice price but i dont know if Amplifer will handle it. On Pioneer site says 2x55w and on other site says 100w per channel and i dont know which one is right. The speakers are 110w Anybody ever used this Shelf System or something? Please , i need QUICK RESPONSE.
Ah nevermind , going back to Windows 7.
Hi , Yesterday i installed Windows 8 on my Computer and i got a problem with my Audigy 2 ZS. When im recording or talking with somebody , my mic is only heard on the left side. Im using the Audigy Support Pack 4.5. On Windows 7 everything was okay and it was working fine. Can anybody help me ? I want to use my Audigy :c They say that it's better than ALC889 and i dont feel like going back to Integrated.
Hi bros , today i was thinking about modding my Centurion 534+ case. I was thinking about making exhaust on the top. Would that help something i mean would it make difference in temps?
Anybody ?
Hello , what do you guys think about this case : In Win BUC-666
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