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Thanks for the find!
I have been looking at tenkeyless mechanicals but I don't want to sacrifice macro keys on the left side. Are there any keyboards out there that do this, or that at least have programmable keys? Thanks.
I misread your comment the first time, apologies.
That is a very ignorant statement overall. If you are referring to reference cards, then fine. The fact is, is that most end users will end up purchasing their card from a third party manufacturer such as msi, asus, gigabyte, etc. It's the same deal on the nvidia side. That is NOT why they are cheaper, and in fact, they are often times priced very similarly price/performance wise. They only undercut by 10-30$ at most. And they switch sides very often in this regard. It is...
ummm amd didn't make the game. It is the developers fault if it doesn't run well on certain hardware.
Looks good man. Every picture of the trooper makes me wish I had gone with it instead of the Stryker. That's a drool worthy gpu you have in there! And cool to see you took my recommendation with the drive cages.
Don't even go there
[[SPOILER]] I just realized I responded to a misquote that was edited, so sorry bout that. It wasn't meant for you KING
Static pressure means that it can move through tight spaces without sacrificing as much cfm. So. in applications such as radiator use/heatsinks or moving through drive cages, it is the better type of fan to use. I will say that all of those fans are great but would like to add Phanteks fans to that list of recommendations as well. They work great too.Some fans for high static...
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