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Thanks for the input Bartouille. I was planning on getting a 980 around christmas time but it's too bad it had to die so early. Not sure what could've caused a short, as I dust every few weeks, but I guess it doesn't really matter at this point. Just going to call my loss at this point, I've tried just about everything.
I recently sold my second system, so no, unfortunately not. :/ That would have been one of the first things I'd do. I did try another pci-e slot to see if maybe it was that, but it still did the same thing. I also tried using another set of connectors.
Hey guys so something awesome happened while starting up some project zomboid with a friend of mine. Before we even got into the main game, the screen went black and power was lost to my system. The network led was still flickering and the led on my waterblock was still lit up. So here's the deal: The computer won't boot while my 7950 has power. When I start the system its like it just boots into sleep mode and it won't reboot until I disconnect the power from the gpu...
My god, you are making me nervous without a cover on that socket
Yes sir. I reset my bios settings among the first few things I tried. I actually found the culprit to be my boot drive. I ran some benchmarks on it and it was slower than my mechanical drives by a substantial margin... I reinstalled windows on the faster ssd and it's smooth sailing. Not sure why it was so slow. I won't be buying cheap ssd's anymore, that much is certain. Thank you for your responses guys!
I have already formatted my drive and reinstalled windows recently. I'm not sure if that's what you meant.
Hey all, I have a serious issue that is making my computer nearly impossible to use. Lately it has been unresponsive and slow, completely at random. Sometimes it will hang up in the most facepalm worthy situations. I also started noticing audio and video glitches happening while watching netflix videos. They happen at the same time. The audio will make a buzzing/popping/grinding noise and the video stutters along with it. It happens for a split second but sometimes will...
Thanks for the find!
I have been looking at tenkeyless mechanicals but I don't want to sacrifice macro keys on the left side. Are there any keyboards out there that do this, or that at least have programmable keys? Thanks.
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