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It's a nice system but there is too much clashing of colors imo.
Looking forward to results!
With all due respect, I do not understand why everyone freaks out about prime 95 tests. They are going to push your temp much further than a real world scenario. Unless you sit around and run prime all day for fun, I would not worry so much. Check your temps and stability while in game or while multitasking and go from there. You cannot expect high end cooling results from a mid range cooler at best. You may need to tone down your overclock for now. As far as pll, I have...
Two hens in the hen's house...don't equal a bowl full of milk
That's not to say I haven't run into any issues, and you are correct about cable management. My sata power cables will barely reach to my drives (as well as my sata cables). But it does work, and with a psu shroud it would be unnoticeable. (Now if I could actually get a hold of someone who does this) I can heartily recommend the monitor I am using. It's been running for quite a while now pretty much 24/7 and has excellent picture quality. I know a lot of people will tell you an ips monitor is not good for gaming but I think it works great.
Makes a lot of sense. I would have never though about that. Thanks for the answer! By the way, if you ever turn your hdd cage around you can mount the fan close to the gpu area as opposed to the front of the case as per the usual. I have seem some improvements in temp in my set up this way. I have an ap122 directed in between my crossfired cards. I think this helps keep a nice stream of cool air fed to the top card, so it does not pull in only hot air.
Why exhaust though? A good idea nonetheless, as I have been wondering about this myself. I was thinking about using the bendable usb fan from arctic cooling and running it through the storm guard opening LOL you know, because I am lazy..
Definitely. Temps look quite good. I was hitting a max of 66c with no issues at 4.0ghz (1.32v) with my old superclock air cooler. Keep in mind, however, that the lynnfield i5 chips do not have proper thermal monitoring, so generally temp monitoring is inaccurate.
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