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Thanks everyone... Cut some Acrylic last night and got the spacers today. Wired up the last of the HD's and LED Strips. I hope to have a few minutes tonight so I can snap some pictures. This was by far the most fun I have had on a build (picking parts, assembly, mods)
Almost finished...
Wire management (backside) and a window mod coming up... Hope to have some pictures up later of this BEAST!!
The wife just gave me an extra set of 16GB Vengeance RAM for a Christmas gift... 32GB here we come!
Thanks for the input everyone. Beta, the plastic clips were on the case and so far have not broken... I am probably going to try out the black ties once all the cabling is done (over 2hrs spent cutting and routing at this point). I can say that these hard rubber, flat power cables on the OCZ supply is a pain in my a** not to mention the SATA supplies are upside down from what I need... I am hoping to have this up and running by the weekend and considering this is my...
WOW... An absolutely amazing build. Great job!
Sorry about the bad lighting but the wiring has started. I am waiting on some round SATA cables, a few extensions and my fan controller before I can fire things up.
Some parts came in and I started the build... I am still waiting on the cables and fan controller (Friday hopefully)
Well the first of 3 shipments arrived this afternoon... Hopefully the other two will come tomorrow so I can start my build!
This is by far the best read I have found... I have a grocery list of parts coming this week for my C70 build and after seeing the way others have gone only gives me more ideas. I will be posting as soon as the process begins. Great work everyone, really slick and sick builds!
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