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If the price for a dock is decent enough ($100-ish) I would highly consider replacing my desktop for a laptop.
These are my exact sentiments.You can't turn off malware. EDIT: Messed up the quotes.
What does this put the Win10 market share at now?
I think that Bungie made the right decision here. Dinklage delivered his performance with the raw emotion of a brick wall, and it shows. Maybe people should hire voice actors for their talent rather than their fame.
The increase in Pov-Ray is ~11% at 3.6GHz, so I wouldn't totally call Skylake a failureBasically, wait for the full review. Gaming and OC'ing might give it an edge.Don't forget about the increased PCIe lanes of the Z170 platform. Those of you who use (or want to use) PCIe-based storage might find this a worthy upgrade.
Well, it was inevitable. It's not like Moore's Law was some infallible constant as everyone made it out to be. Kaby Lake, that's an interesting codename. Is it pronounced 'kay-bee' or 'kah-bee'?
OCN - The new battleground for gender equality.
Interesting, I also have Charter and Test 2 was the only one throttled: Link
It's about time. Those coolers were just a waste of space (and money).
I hate to be an echo chamber, but I agree with many other posters in this thread that we shouldn't have expected more. I've seen tons of OCN members proudly proclaim "NEVER AGAIN!" after being burned one too many times by EA or Ubisoft, so how does a video game made by a studio known for their derivative releases garner so much false hope?Did anyone actually play singleplayer?
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