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OCN - The new battleground for gender equality.
Interesting, I also have Charter and Test 2 was the only one throttled: Link
It's about time. Those coolers were just a waste of space (and money).
I hate to be an echo chamber, but I agree with many other posters in this thread that we shouldn't have expected more. I've seen tons of OCN members proudly proclaim "NEVER AGAIN!" after being burned one too many times by EA or Ubisoft, so how does a video game made by a studio known for their derivative releases garner so much false hope?Did anyone actually play singleplayer?
Glad to see that EVGA is moving towards a cleaner look for their motherboards.
I hope ASRock has some blue in their Z170 lineup.
I have no problem with this. Hatred is a tasteless game and I would do the same thing if I was in charge of GOG.
32 cores at least. 36 max.I just wish that Intel would let this multi-core goodness trickle down to the average consumer.
The same principle applies to building computers.
$60 for a mousepad? No thanks.Razer is becoming just like Apple these days...Exactly. I have always used cheap mousepads and they work perfectly fine. I don't care if a mousepad is made of spider silk and hand-woven by Barack Obama.
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