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What did Ubisoft do to Far Cry 4?Also, isn't Titanfall playable now?
If this cooler can beat the Hyper 212 Evo and most 120mm CLC's (not double-stuffed ones like the H80i), this could be the next great bang-for-the-buck cooler.I hope this is true. It's time the Hyper 212 Evo got knocked off its pedestal. I'm not hating on CM, I just wish there was actually a reason to buy a $60 cooler. Also, more innovation is nice.
Apparently there was a fire or something that damaged a major RAM factory and the prices have been high ever since.I bought a 1333MHz 8GB kit of Kingston HyperX blu in early 2012 for $25 at Micro Center (they had a huge sale then, it was normally $40), but now the same kit is almost $90.
I recommended a Lenovo Flex 14 to my mom last year and the hinge isn't the only thing that flexes on that laptop. Any sort of typing on the keyboard causes the area around the keys to bend inward. The keys themselves are mushy and the trackpad isn't that responsive (I've experienced worse) Basically, the build quality leaves much to be desired. I suppose Lenovo is the new HP.
Here is what I think about resolution/display size:2.4"-3" - 640x480 (again, it isn't ~16:9, but at this price you can't be very picky)3"-3.4" - 800x4803.5"-4.0" - 960x5404.1"-4.65" - 1280x7204.7"-10.1" - 1920x1080>10.1 - 2560x1440The DK2 has a Galaxy Note 3 screen, so maybe a 4k display would be useful...
Even without white sleeving, I think it looks amazing! Have you done any overclocking yet?
AMD Gaming Devolved
Pick a game that scales extremely well with XFire/SLI (for maximum GPU performance) and run the game at a sub-1080p resolution and you will be CPU bottlenecked.Think of CPU performance as a shelf, the surface area of the shelf as screen resolution and GPU performance as 1Mx1Mx1M lead cubes. If the shelf breaks, your CPU is bottlenecked. If the cubes can't cover the entire shelf, then your GPU(s) is bottlenecked.Let's say that your GPU performance is equal to that of 64...
While the graphics could have been even more improved, I will probably be picking up this one.For a moment there I thought you were referring to an i7 980
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