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Sure they have plans, but these plans are mostly wishful thinking.The Mars One website says that "For each component, Mars One has found at least one potential supplier." 'Potential' is the big key word here. Mars One has signed contracts with two of the companies but they haven't disclosed what they are getting out of these contracts or how much they will cost. Speaking of which...The cost is an even bigger factor in determining the viability of the Mars One program. I...
LINKIf the reviews of the H110i GT are any indication of the performance of these coolers, Noctua might get a run for its money.
The cheapest one I would recommend is the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0.If you are willing to spend a bit more, you could get the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. This motherboard is the gold standard of 990FX motherboards (only the Crosshair Formula-Z beats it) and it can handle any CPU you can throw at it (even the FX-9590).
That motherboard has four power phases, so unless you want some fireworks in your case, you shouldn't be overclocking.
How do the two boards compare spec-wise?
LittleBigPlanet and MGS: Peace Walker are some good ones.
Windows 8.1 is actually a more fluid OS than Win7. I'm making the leap to Win10 in a couple years, but I would upgrade to Win8.1 if someone sold me it for $20 or $30 (not enough major benefits to justify spending $100).
I'm waiting for Cannonlake, but otherwise I totally agree.
The general public's reaction to Google Glass shows that we just aren't ready for a product like this. If something like this was released a couple years before the NSA leaks, there might have been a market for this.
Maybe people should buy phones for what OS they run now instead of what OS they will run in the future. Any update that comes in the future would be a plus, but I don't think that a mid-range device from 2+ years ago needs to be updated. However, this is coming from a person who is waiting for a 5.0 update on a phone that originally had 4.3. Also, the article title is pretty sensationalist, particularly since there aren't "nearly a billion android users" on 4.3.
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