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$60 for a mousepad? No thanks.Razer is becoming just like Apple these days...Exactly. I have always used cheap mousepads and they work perfectly fine. I don't care if a mousepad is made of spider silk and hand-woven by Barack Obama.
Isn't there ARM emulation of some sort?
Relax, it's just a joke. It sounds more like something Ubisoft would do.
Was Skybridge going to bring anything to the table that would affect power users or mainstream users?
I fail to see how this is a big deal.
The employee was referring to the total RAM. 7th gen consoles didn't have all of their 512MB available for games either.
Seems like Ubisoft doesn't feel the need to stop.
GCN = Graphics Card Next-year
SourceIf AMD wanted to ditch the reputation of the 290X, why would they showcase it at a conference called "Hot-Chips"?
To be fair, the cases at MC get really thrashed.
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