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My F1A75-V PRO supported 16GB modules, I'm surprised other motherboards haven't had this functionality sooner.
I wonder if Valve will do this instead of releasing an entire sequel (i.e. Portal 3).
Still on a C2Q? You really should upgrade!
If it was a 20% performance improvement I would probably upgrade, but I am sick of memory compatibility issues with the 990FX chipset and my next CPU is going to be one that doesn't make me have to put a fan on my VRM heatsink. Also, my 8320 gives me decent enough performance that I won't have to worry about upgrading for a couple more years. I will probably upgrade when Cannonlake is released (as long as DDR4 prices aren't sky-high).
You won't regret building a PC. Welcome to OCN!
These are great motherboards ASUS, but where is the Maximus VII Extreme?
You could run either GPU, but you don't need to upgrade it unless you are playing games or encoding/decoding video.
The CPU voltage decreases when there is less CPU load. Prime95 had stopped running, so the voltage was lower than the voltage setting in the BIOS.~4.2GHz @ 1.34V is a great result for a 6300. Your CPU overclocks better than most 8320's! It probably would have sold as one if it wasn't for a defective core or something.
I was hoping games like Dirt 3 would get fully moved over to Steam, I guess not though...
I can try to explain it, since I had trouble installing it too. First, connect a molex connector from your PSU to the fan controller connector labeled 'Power'. Please note that you shouldn't connect your PSU to any other connector on the fan controller. Next, connect your fans to each fan channel. Make sure you only have one fan per channel. If you are using the thermal probes, take off the protective plastic before placing it somewhere in your case.
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