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Will it underclock the GPU to achieve these power savings, or something else?
Are any of the LulzSec guys out of prison yet? They seem to have experience with hacking Sony.
Let's see...For starters, the VGA cable is connected to the motherboard, so he's going integrated.I can see a parallel port on the back, so that motherboard was likely made before 2007.The case looks a bit smaller than your standard ATX mid-tower, but the PSU is mounted over the motherboard (my first PC had that too, but mine was made in 2001).Finally, the monitor looks like a 1280x1024, but it's kind of hard to tell with the camera angle.Chances are, Baby Kim is rocking a...
60C for 24/7 operation. Between 65C and 70C is the absolute limit for these CPUs, they just can't handle the temps that Intel CPUs can.
The max temp for your CPU shouldn't go over 60C. What motherboard do you have?
If this is legit, AMD is sitting on some real gold here. Releasing the 380X at $300 would absolutely slaughter Nvidia's midrange sales. The GTX 960 wouldn't stand a chance and Nvidia would be forced to release their Titan II as the GTX 1080 six months early and $500 less. I hope this doesn't mean that the 380X and 390X have huge TDPs.
No embedded Bluetooth, but there is a USB dongle available for $7 on their website.
I couldn't find anything about the Mali-450 MP2 online, but if it is anywhere near the performance of the 450 MP4, it should run it just fine. Even if it was around Mali-400 MP4 performance, it should have equal performance (on the GPU side) to the Tegra 3.I'm tempted to buy this for myself. I know hardly anything about programming, but I might be able to make a cool emulation box out of it.
A 35W APU with those specs is just wishful thinking. They could probably make one like that in 2020, but not in two years.In order to make a 35W APU with those specs, AMD would need to triple their GPU power efficiency to fit a 1024SP GPU (the R7 265 has a ~150W TDP with the same number of SP's) with a ~500MHz core clock under the 35W envelope (it would draw about 25W), and that is before making the CPU part draw only 10W.95W sounds workable, provided AMD delivers with...
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