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I agree. This case is the CM Hyper 212 Evo of computer cases (basically, it is just about as good as competing products that are twice as expensive).If you have a grudge against Phanteks for some reason, I would recommend the NZXT Source 530 or the Fractal Define R4.
This is sort of close to what you were looking for, but I'm thinking you would want something a little more high-end: here, I have no idea why everyone seems to throw a fit when a new Fatal1ty motherboard pops up.
The core frequency has to be something like 10MHz, tops.If it's any higher, I can truly believe that we're living in the future.
I wonder if levels can be transferred from LBP3 to the PS Vita?
The visual quality is going to have to be massively reduced (i.e. nearly zero particle effects, simplified physics) in order for the game to run on mobile devices.Source
It's for people who want to upgrade from their 6800 GT while keeping their Athlon XP.
Models so far: Palit Source Gainward Source Zotac Source EVGA Source MSI Source ASUS Source
At least Nvidia isn't rebranding Fermi. SourceEDIT: Forgot the source.
This sort of thing needs to happen more often.
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