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That's a great idea. I think Nvidia does something like that though with their Tegra processors.
The Z97 deluxe is extremely ugly, but the RoG boards look nice as always.
Maybe you could use a fan grill on the fan.Also, you could probably find a dust filter online like this one: LINK
OP has a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870. Judging by his load temps, I don't think it is using a reference cooler.
55C is a perfectly fine temperature. My 7850 reaches 60C under full load (with fans set to auto), so you are fine with keeping your fans on auto.As for your side panel, since your GPU temps are fine you can cut out that area of the case.
What temps are you getting under load? Your GPU might be fine with a higher temperature.
AMD would call those cards Pirate Islands, since they never stick with the same codename and series name.Also, source on those codenames?
I think Skylake will be the last major performance improvement before graphene CPUs replace silicon CPUs. Sandy Bridge was just a ~10% improvement over Westmere, so Skylake will probably bring about the same improvement (more or less).
Unless you go with an NZXT Kraken X60, you will hardly have any cooling performance improvements with a CLC. Plus, the CLC will be noisier. If you really need side-panel fans, you wouldn't want the GX700 or the 302. The Enermax Coenus doesn't have fan mounts on its side panel. Your best bet would be to go with the CoolerMaster HAF 912. It has a side panel fan mount and it should have the clearance required for your cooler.
Yeah, just so the video outputs are the same (or near the same) as a regular card.
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