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It should have been Pentium F, it didn't deserve a D.
Maybe just get a G3258 and this board to play around with, and upgrade to K12 in a couple of years.
Who uses a resolution of 1842x1026?
With a motherboard like the ASRock X99 Extreme 11, you could have 180TB of storage on SATA alone. Including PCIe to SATA cards with 8 internal ports (see here), you could hit half a petabyte!
Agreed. I would even be willing to wait until 2017 if K12 could beat Cannonlake's successor.
Now I'm wishing I didn't buy an original 3DS a couple of weeks ago.
I agree. This case is the CM Hyper 212 Evo of computer cases (basically, it is just about as good as competing products that are twice as expensive).If you have a grudge against Phanteks for some reason, I would recommend the NZXT Source 530 or the Fractal Define R4.
This is sort of close to what you were looking for, but I'm thinking you would want something a little more high-end: here, I have no idea why everyone seems to throw a fit when a new Fatal1ty motherboard pops up.
The core frequency has to be something like 10MHz, tops.If it's any higher, I can truly believe that we're living in the future.
I wonder if levels can be transferred from LBP3 to the PS Vita?
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