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Hopefully AMD comes out swinging with their Zen microarchitecture, but I will probably go with Cannonlake if AMD can't deliver.
Subbed! Looks great so far!
I don't think there would be much of a difference in the quality of work if programmers were all female or all male (assuming a similar level of education and a similar work ethic).
The PS4 and XBone have been bashed by PC gamers since day one (mainly bashing the performance), but now they are complaining about PC system requirements. While I don't like bad console ports, I think that many OCN users need to understand that the performance gap between consoles and computers have narrowed again and to maintain the difference in quality between console games and PC games, the hardware requirements for PC's need to go up.The reason that most games...
If the performance increase between GPU generations keeps getting less and less like CPUs have been, I can't see 8K @ 60FPS being feasible on anything other than a top-of-the-line GPU.
What was the major selling point of WebOS again?
Just DVD I think.
At that price, iBuyPower could at least upgrade the GPU to a R7 260. If it wasn't for the fancy lighting, they could probably upgrade it to a R7 265 which would put it on par with the XBONE.
Here are the specs from the site:"A full generation ahead of the latest game consoles?" Yeah, right...SourceEDIT: Forgot the source.
Any updates on this?
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