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So I finally got to take some pics of my first ever pc build. I am glad i got this case. My airflow is amazing with this setup. I use B-Gears B-Blaster 140mm on bottom, Collermaster Sickleflow in the front, Coolermaster Turbine Master on rear with the stock H100i fans on top. I must have gotten lucky with the H100i because it works flawless despite all of the problems I read others are having. I wish I could have gotten a badass graphics card but i had to settle on...
Hey f0rteOC, is the light coming from the case or is there a led strip on the edge of the glass?
  well i finally have what i need for my first build
I love all the window mods seen in this forum but i want to try something different. Has anyone tried any led edge lighting with some etching or engraving done? Ive also learned that using etched glass or frosted vinyl graphics gives the same effect.
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