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Still trying to do this though had forgotten about it for a few months, I have my RAM running at 1600MHz but I've never managed to get settings that work any higher than that
Any more help on this please? I just need to know what thickness of thermal pad it is best to use? Spadge
Haven't overclocked it so have'nt recorded high temps, I'm researching other downfalls people have had with the same equipment as me and beefing up the cooling before I make any changes. Perhaps OTT, but I'm happy with it and as I plan to secure the stock heatsinks better anyway then it's something else I can say is as good as it's going to get. I plan on doing the work whether or not it's neccesary just for something to do really And thanks for the cleaning tips Spadge
Howdy Just a quick question or 2 after some more research prior to overclocking. I understand my particular motherboard (and a few others) have some issues with regards to the NB temperature. Like many others one of the first things I noticed about my motherboard was that the cooler was loose and would move if even slightly provoked so I will be looking at using nylon bolts to secure it to the mo'board (will have to look up what size). Whilst doing this I will take the...
From the specs the height I have is 165mm. It is not clear however if this is the height from the top of the CPU, the height from the mo'board, or the height including backing plate. I would personally read it as 165 from the top of the CPU in which case you're pushing it. I measured the space from the top of my motherboard and that's 170 to the edge of the case. The side panel is slightly raised outwards in the center but not by more than a couple of millimeters,...
Down from the sockets and straight back up under the motherboard to the hole under the CPU, through said hole, then across the back section to the top 'drive bay'.Spadge
I have 2 660's running from a 750W OCZ ZT, is this okay? I'm also running 4 3.5" HDDs, 1 BluRay, 1 SSD from this PSU. It has 4 PCI power outlets so I thought I was okay running 2 off it, used a power calculator and it came up under 700 with everything added.Spadge
I like the ringed look of the Corsair fans, the rubber corner mounts look useful too. I used to like glowing clear fans but not so keen now. Spadge
Yes I realise this now, I am an idiot Spadge
I'll give it a look, have just ordered 4 SP120's though and will send back the others when they arrive stating false advertising/non-existent product. I feel like such an idiot now Spadge
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