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Titan Z was basically dual Titan Blacks on a single PCB and had 1/3 rate FP64 (instead of the 1/24 FP64 that the 780Ti provided), so its true purpose was to have the absolute highest amount of double-precision computing power available in a single card. Admittedly NVIDIA's marketing of it at the time was less unambiguous regarding gaming than what they're saying about the current Titan V, but I think this time they've nailed down their messaging quite well.
Has anyone else noticed that most of the complainers are seeing the Titan V as an overpriced "GeForce Senior" that just happens to have FP64 / tensor cores instead of a "Tesla Junior" (which is how NVIDIA has been marketing it as) that just happens to play games better than any other already-existing card?
AMD / RTG already exhausted all their ammo on Vega a few months back, so they won't have anything substantially new (except perhaps rebrands) on the high end until 2019. Even then, it'll probably be well behind GV102 just like how Vega was blown out of water by GP102 (and barely approaches GP104).
Depends on how many tensor cores Vega has.
That's an unsubstantiated rumor at best right now.
I'm not disappointed, as I fully expected an early-release GV100 to not be optimized for either FP32 / gaming uses nor have "game ready" drivers designed with Volta's inherent architectural changes in mind. Projecting what the 20-series will look like based off of the Titan V is pure folly.
Or instead of your crazy conspiracy theory, it's more likely because traditional Titans are released at the very first instance in which a small run of very large cutting-edge chips is physically and commercially possible. The yields on 12nn FFN are probably not great, and NVIDIA is certainly smart enough to know that making the kind of large production runs that a Volta-based GeForce GTX 2080 require would be very expensive at this point.They can price in this kind of...
If you're supposition is correct then all that would leave NVIDIA with for gaming is that Ampere rumor that made the rounds recently, which would then make me wonder when the 20-series GPUs would be released. I guess even if the next line of gaming cards is delayed, NVIDIA still has the luxury of knowing that they'll still have the top 3 best-performing cards (1080, 1080 Ti, Titan Xp) by default for quite a while since AMD missed the mark with Vega and won't have anything...
I was mostly referring to the SMs when I was typing that, and by the time I realized my mistake upon eventually getting to the later cards whose memory controllers and ROPs were cut I just couldn't be bothered to fix it. You're right, though.
The GeForce name is 18 years old and the "GTX" moniker has been around for 13 years (with the first 3 years spent as a suffix after higher-end cards) while the Titan branding has been around for less than 5. Given all the change that the GPU industry has undergone in that 5-year period, I can see why NVIDIA hasn't quite nailed down a consistent message as to what "Titan" means. That said, they have been quite clear in what this particular Titan is for, which means that...
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