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Nice setup ! I was wondering what is that circle light on the corner of your desk it looks great
Real tight fit, looks great !Also love the monitor
Reworked my setup a bit ! plus a brand new monitor mount and tons of cables hidden everywhere ! need to find a way to mount both side speakers to the monitor stand as well
its actually a 27'' cant remember the exact model, but if yours is mounted the same way, there is 2 screws on the bottom of the monitor that you have to remove and then simply pull the monitor up while holding the foot, it should come off pretty easily
What my setup looks like for now, must do some cleaning and tidy up this cable mess !
Here's an update on my new set-up, moved the room around, changed my computer case for a corsair 540, new monitors set-up, lots of cable management. I still have to find a way to get my z906 soundsystem to fit somewhere around without any cables showing up. Only downside on this update : the set-up feel even more cramped than before ! Heres the old desk set-up with the new case And the update, much more comfortable and clean
Windows 8 Desktop I like it clean Windows menu + Foobar2000 that is always opened
Latest update of my set-up: -New Asus VE278H Monitor -New CMStorm Trigger keyboard -Using the 23 as 3rd monitor now -Velcro'd the Sound system console -And lastly bolted all speakers on the wall Next should be some ambiant lightning edit : not to forget some underdesk cable management too
I have seen multiple reviews on how silent or how loud they are, once slowed down they are pretty silent, only sound i hear is either the huge amount of air moved or my h50 pump noise. I like them pretty much so far, plus they look awesome
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