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yeah if they make a 5 inch nexus device it will most certainly be a smartphone and not a tablet. With the Motorola X coming out soon the nexus 5 will probably follow in December if they keep the nexus line alive for phones.
Nexus 5 anyone? 5 inch 1080p screen with tegra 4 is what I would love to see or maybe a little octocore action... haha
Again you are very wrong. I just played timescapes via hdmi to my tv with HW decoding on. You seem to pretend to know a lot about the nexus 10 and yet everything you have claimed has been wrong. Please do us all a favor and stop reading old reviews about the Nexus 10 and posting information that will mislead other people looking for accurate information about the N10.
well both screens are running when you hook up over hdmi so it has to render both 1080p and 2560x1600.
Yes it usually runs at about 33-40 FPS with my cpu underclocked to 1.1ghz. Without the underclock the cpu tends to heat up very quickly and the thermal throttle control kicks in and it starts to drop frames. I have also played it hooked up to my tv via hdmi but it seems like there is a bit of delay on the tv. Im not sure if it is just my hdmi cable or not and I am going to investigate further when I have the time.
Timescapes is a 1440p movie and I would assume that The Hobbit will be released in 1440p when it his bluray. Gaming at 1440p is also rather enjoyable. I have been playing Shadowngun deadzone with ultra high graphics settings and it looks phenomenal. And since the nexus 10 can use usb OTG I just plug in my xbox 360 controller and game away.
Steelbom I noticed that it says PC gamer under you name awhile ago and I cant stop wondering why you are such a mac fanboy if you are in fact a pc gamer? And I would have to agree with koehler on this one. While the iPad4 does indeed have a very nice screen, the screen on the nexus 10 is in fact much sharper and makes reading small text very pleasant. I would even say that it looks exactly like reading a magazine would look. And the fact that it is 16:10 ratio compared to...
Yeah what's your point? It is out now.
Anandtech also benchmarked the nexus 10 with pre 4.2.1 android. Even stock 4.2.1 preforms better than the scores they posted. Also the fact that you can put a custom ROM on an android tablet and improve performance is just another reason to buy a nexus 10 over an iPad 4.
The issues with the Nexus 10's screen are all software related and will all be fixed. Considering Anandtech also posted browser benchmarks that showed the iPad 4 was better kind of discredit anything they have to say about the tablet because clearly the scores I posted earlier prove just how superior the power of the Nexus 10 is compared to the iPad 4. As for color accuracy of the iPad 4 most graphic designers would agree the the overall look of the screen may look nice...
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