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True. Great story, long game. Should've been made into a movie instead of Ep 1-3.
I'm 41 and still at it. Differently than a few years ago, not much MP and not daily, but still doing strong.Deutsch is a smart advertising guy. Ask him about advertising.When you ask and expert for advice outside of their area of expertise, it's not advice anymore, it's just an opinion.Deutsch said "When you're 30, there should be something more on your mind than video games, that's it,"True, but obvious. That doesn't mean you ONLY think about work, kids, wife, mortgage,...
Leave the laptop on DHCP and power cycle the router and modem. Try another ethernet cable, might be a physical issue. Try the desktop's cable if you need to, since you know it's good. Shouldn't be much room to go wrong here.
There's room. It does get tight running HD cables over a hump back there though. Got mine on sale at newegg for $50 shipped but it's been a while. edit: My Challenger isn't the U-3, not sure what the difference is, so be advised. Dimensions are the same though.
Far Cry 2 is still excellent and there some mods to improve it even more. Metro 2033 along with BioShock (1) make a great combination of games with tons of eye candy and atmosphere. Not an fps, but World in Conflict w/Soviet expansion is highly replayable, gorgeous and a lot of fun with no annoying resource gathering like most RTS games. Splinter Cell Chaos of the best games all time and still looks excellent on pc.
If MAC filtering is enabled on the router, you'll have to add the MAC address of the network card to the MAC list. If using wireless, you'll need the MAC of the wireless card.
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