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Email them or just call, they a not a massive company
My order is suppose to ship between April 24th-28th. This is going to be a very long in coming week.......... i feel like i check my Order Status every few hours. Getting pretty excited about it!
what about the logos on them?
when looking at that ebay store his o rings are all black not green like the normal borrow ones. Does this mean anything different also noticed they actually say Barrow on them instead of the normal logo on all the fittings.
May I ask what coolant is that? Also would love to see more photos of this build!
Now that's sexy!! How did you do the basement? Do you mind saying why size of res is that?
Where are these available at? Really considering going 16mm instead of 12mm. Like originally planned, but lately Barrows prices have gone up.
ill check it out, is there a thread anywhere on this site that has up to date sales for sites or something along those lines?
anyone think MOD-ONE will have an Easter day sale? I'm about to buy all the stuff i need to make my custom cables for PSU for my upcoming build. and if they will have a sale this weekend ill hold off and get it then.
o man this might be more than i thought it was going to be ill have to look when i get home to see if there is a double wire going in to the EPS that goes in to the PSU if there is that wont be a problem ill just make it a single and then do a double in the back of the case. thought this was going to be as easy as the 24 pin nothing ever has easy as it should be haha
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