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Looking at TitanRig prices are really good and with prime going this direction for sure! I was going to use 1/2 OD Primochill PETG but that's out the window. Anyone know of a good 12mm PETG tubing? or should i go 13mm?
Uwhere did you get them from? also will be looking forward to see what your thoughts are on them after the build. If you give a good feed back i think it's a no brainier to get them for my build price is to good.
subbed for when i do my loop
Yeah last night I spent 75 is stuff on there. haha that's why I was asking went ahead and got 50 ft of titanium grey, for 8 bucks. Even it's the wrong color, I can use it for something.
does anyone know which mdpc-x color looks to closest to caselabs gun metal is it Titanium grey or carbon bti?
why didnt you use the 10% code instead?Spend $250 and get 10% off: "STPATTY17-10"
that seems like a smart idea. I think at this point I've become to reliant on haha!
I know meyhems has a new formula for their pastel according to Jayztwocents my question is if i order for performance pc or MainFrame Customs will they have the new stuff or old stock of the old stuff? would order straight from meyhems but i live in the States
also a first time builder in a caselabs case subbed to see how much i will fall in comparison
Ordered my gunmetal Sm8 on Tuesday this week. Now we play the waiting game! and the long wait to get all of my parts built up for my build goal is by the end of the year have my system built. Then in 2018 do the custom loop!
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