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Does anyone know how to get a shade of green that is close to the atomic green sleeving from mdpc-x so far the best bet I have is getting some mint green and adding blue? But I can only find mint green on Newegg not on mayhems site any help would be greatly appreciated
First attempt at sleeving now to do a lot of double wires to get 2 8 to 2 6 for gpus :/ lol I can't figure out the training them though :/
Really? O no now I'm scared I don't know how to do that 0.o
lol thanks it was just some extra paracord a friend had laying around that he let me have so this is not the colors i will be using on my PSU i have the Red,Black and White in the mail right now i was just seeing if i could do it is all lol i wish i had longer cable to practice on but ill have the the psu to start working on in 3 days time so really excited and looking forward to it xD
Thanks really excited to do this ill post my results with before and after shots
best cable management ive ever seen!! very very slick!!
So after watching his videos a few times i have a friend who had some 550 paracord laying around now i ordered my PSU and all the tools and Paracord yesterday night and well when i get in a mind set i go all out lol so anyways after i watched his videos 2 times i followed along and with out any tools this is was i was able to do... stables suck by the way lol i know its not the best but i sure liked the out come im super excited right now cant wait tell i can start the...
OK so i havent gotten all my tools in actually non of them but a friend had some 550 paracord laying around so i got some from him and using stables i practiced on some cables i had laying around so please dont bash me to bad frist time ever im really happy about it lol i know i didnt put them back where they came from but i was just practicing the sleeving i will never use these so here are the pictures
It won't make the wires thicker?
Not at all I think you pretty much covered it dang this will be time consuming but I'm willing to give it a good try so it turns out beautiful!! I'm going to be working on a fully modular psu ax860i and I just ordered every tool and the paracord last night I'm thinking I should go ahead and order my psu to get started haha!
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