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Okay ive got a serious question to ask you guys that instead of getting responses to I'm going to link a Straw Poll to vote for it. I wont be buying my new components until Black Friday/Cyber Monday so im still a ways out but i cant decided on what route to go. i want the X299 with the 7800x because i think the quad ram set up of dims on both sides on the cpu would look great in the custom loop. but the skylake x processors seem to run hot have a lot of power draw as well....
remember soft tubing will absorb and let some of the liquid evaporate over time so you'll have to to monitor liquid lvls and the color of the tubing will change as well. i think mayhem suggest changing your soft tubing once a year or something like that.
your fitting in your doc are not for hard tubing your using soft tubing for this build?
dang your making a lot....
well after seeing your drive cages it seems I installed mine incorrectly..... To late i already made custom cables for them haha o wells :/ wait i couldnt have they only go one way haha!! belay my last haha i have an SM8 not an SMA8! that could be why
I don't own a vise I'll try the looping technique this weekend though
i do that with the terminals i have which are from Mod-One but what im talking about is when i do it to the opposite end of the wire making sure they both are facing up is kind of hard lol
totally trying out the zip tie trick tonight!!! do y'all have a trick to making sure the terminals are all facing up too? i keep trying and some still end up slightly off and end up with a slight twist that i cant notice until im placing them in the connectors after sleeving
As long as it's consistent on every strip you're golden
Mint green is no more
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