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yeah i rarely get anyone to ever answer the phone and out of my last 3 emails only 1 was responded to. I'm being patient and only checking back in on the dates they keep telling me my case will ship. but i feel like they shouldn't give an estimated ship date if it's not even the half way make to ship date. I get they have lots of orders and its worth the wait but if i spend 1k on something i would like to be kept in the loop on the progress of the item that was suppose to...
pictures please
I love how willing to help this sub is!!
picture is so dark i cant see it really but it shouldn't any more of a problem then your stock cables in all honestly it should be less bulky
well that gives me a little hope i'm at week 10 right now so if i'm on the same time table as you just 3 more weeks until ship date of my first caselabs case haha lucky for me i planned way ahead and still wont have all my components when it gets here. im getting really excited to get it though!1
that sounds about like how i was doing it and i was using a BIC lighter as well, gonna have to get a new one after using the current one. with practice i think ill get it down though.
when stretching the sleeving over the wire i noticed i could not keep it tight before doing the heat shrink is there a trick to this? problem was if i kept it super tight and tried to melt the heat shrink it would get to hot to hold onto with my fingers being to close. after doing the 2nd melting i would get a little slack back in the sleeving. my fingers are tender today for sure and i would have to take a small break after everyone because it was like giving myself rope...
I am new, I will say it's a learning curve though. I spent 3 hours making 1 8pin pci extension last night making sure and extra sure on lengths. Had 4 at 9" and 4 at 8.5" made sure all strips were the same as well. Seems the crimping is what is the hardest to get the same length. Reason I say this is my extension had a small twist in it. But here is my first completed full attempt. One more question i have when stretching the sleeving over the wire i noticed i could not...
MfC's from main frame customes
Looks like I'm just bad at this and need to pay a lot more attention took about 4 minutes of patience and double checking and this is what I came up with
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