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Thanks for everybody's help. Repped
Is the HX750 any good reading the review it is a bit mixed. Its quite cheap over here and it a hybrid modular so I don't have to connect anything I don't need. What do you guys think?
So Ive ordered my parts, Should I update the BIOS and the firmware on the SSD first? Also, what are some programs I should test with, Ive heard of Prime95
Ok, so I tried to read through Sean's SSD guide and I'm a bit confused about TRIM, is it something I have to enable in windows? I'm also looking at the Crucial M4 as Ive seen its a reliable drive
No Im in the UK, that list is from Ebuyer, but Ive seen things cheaper on Amazon,etc.
So Ive updated the list, its just the Heatsink and I need about drive to install games to. The Noctua NH-D14 is meant to be a good, but doesn't look like it supports my socket. I'm also looking at the NZXT havik 140
Thanks, i'll look into the Power Supply thread list
Thanks, Ive gone down to 8GB, im still looking at the 660 TI. I read on the forums here that the Crucial M4 is a pretty good SSD, so I' m looking at the Crucial 128GB M4 Its just the Power Supply and the cooler that I'm still a bit unsure about. Also is there much of a difference between the GA-Z77-D3H and the GA-Z77X-D3H, looking online there doesn't seem to be? Edit; The 2TB is for games, i have another drive for data
Thank you all for your advice, I'll look into the 660 TI, just looking to see how much power it needs. I can change the RAM to 8GB, i have been looking at the 660 TI but there are different version and im not really sure which one to get as EVGA has multiple one such as signature series. Thanks again for all your help
Hi, Ive been lurking on these forums for a while now. I'm going to build my first PC soon, I just wanted to know if these specs are ok and if everything goes well together. Im not set on the SSD so it may change to another brand. Is there be anything else i should get? I have a few questions about my components; Is my motherboard compatible with the processor? Is the power supply enough for the pc? I went with 1600 RAM is there any difference with higher and lower...
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