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for those of you in the arc mini r2 the h240x fits!
i pack my system in the box that my case came in with the foam it shipped with... makes for a nice moving experience
i travel with my AIO all the time... over a year now... never had any problems in 2 different pc's as well and i live in the mountains with some pretty ****ty roads. even have to drive through 2 creeks
so if i order one of these from newegg is it random which revision ill recieve?
i would go through all that trouble but last time i did all i got was ASRock mobo's dont show correct voltages blah blah blah. so i dont even care anymore lol my pc runs great and thats all i care about!
i guess man. this is the first intel chip ive owned in 10 years and i bought it off amazon over the newr haswell chips. mainly because ivybridge was already proven and performance was similar. i have smashed some benchmarks tho
ive got an antec kuhler h2o 620 AIO on mine at 5.1 ghz and i only hit 82 cel on IBT but im only at 1.28 vcore as well. the antec 920 has pretty good performance and i know a guy that overclocked his 3770k to 5.2 ghz stable with that cooler. ive had a good experience with my setup, others not so much. i feel like getting a decent cooler is just as hard as getting a decent cpu. without building a custom water loop anyways
maaaan the only thing i love more than red and black is black and copper. looking good
nice! any plans to put it under water?
sure here ya go
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