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Cheer up, Isaac! Dead Space 2
Hi Mike, Welcome to!
What you said reminds me of the UV marker mod. You can color your capacitors and heat sinks to make them glow, lol.
Phase 6: Wire management Your SATA cables scares me.
Welcome to both of you.
Thanks for the detailed input and link.I got to research on this method. Sounds interesting.
I got the Galaxy GTX 460 OC version with their stock cooler. I overclocked it to 860/1720/1900 without any issues. Fan speed: 42% Idle: 27 - 32C Load: 50 - 57C Ambient temp: 75F I don't think your stock cooler would be any difference than mine. You should be fine if your temps are good on your cooler.
I've had my GIGABYTE 965P DS3 for four years now and overtime, it has been creating this insane voltage drop. BIOS: 1.5250v CPU-Z: 1.475v idle; 1.408v under load. I've been away for a while recently, so I would like to know. Which voltage monitor is more accurate? BIOS or CPU-Z?
Stupid? I disagree. We all have to start somewhere.
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