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I'm not saying someone cannot have something. Just that they don't deserve it in my opinion.Sort of like an urban apartment dweller owning a saint bernard. Or a chain smoker owning a Picasso.Is that snooty of me? Yeah, I guess..
I would agree with you if the possession was a commodity product.
If you might throw it, you don't deserve an M.
I'll try this. I've been using the metal end of a mechanical pencil.
Easiest way to remove o-rings?
Code. I like my SSK Still haven't decided if I like the feel of Greens more than BS. I need to take the o-rings off, just been too busy lately.For the Foobar? Search MetrOH on DeviantArt.
Couple small changes. Still trying to decide if they're worthy of being called "upgrades" or not.
Looks like cast iron
Figured it out. You have to fully power off the board for those switches to work. Maybe this is tribal knowledge stuff that I ought to have known already, but it wasn't immediately intuitive.
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