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Hm, almost makes me wanna put the original keycaps back on my SSK
Not on calls, but mine will sometimes tell me that the first song I choose can't be played (first song on an album, or one I choose specifically). I just hit rewind and it plays perfectly, which I find weird.
It already holds 2 bookshelf speakers, a heavier-than-usual-receiver, a Nintendo, an N64, 2x 22" monitors, a laptop, a Model M, and my arms like a champ.When I had sawhorses as the legs, I could stand in the middle of the door and it wouldn't even sag. The legs I feel like are the weight-limiting element of my desk.
Those are awesome.
Hm. That's unfortunate. They should at the very least be able to order some and deliver it to the store at no extra cost.
Mopar is absolutely right. If you can put holes in your wall, and it works in this case, a 2x4 as a support is a pretty decent choice for leg-less support.That diagram looks about right.
If I had an L shaped desk, and wanted to use Ullriks, I'd be tempted to affix the surfaces together with a couple tie plates, place the Ullriks at the two ends, and put a leg or two in the back corner:
YES. Exactly what I was hoping to do with them.
Maybe this picture will give you a better idea of what's going on down there.It's inside of a little cabinet / table leg thing from Ikea. The Ullrik I believe. Awesome little box, those Ullriks. I have my computer resting front-faced, in the left cabinet thing and my subwoofer is nestled in a rotated backwards-facing cabinet on the right, so that the subwoofer fires at the wall and not out into empty space (I'm certain I read that that was better one day in the OCN audio...
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