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Makes sense, asus auto 5.0ghz profile is like 1.37v, they probably put it that high for a reason.
Leave it at xmp.
The guy who suggested someone rma his cpu because his temps might be a few degrees hotter than expected does not have the time to check my sig.Yep, enough for me today lol.
Well of course delidded is a whole other ball game, this convo is specifically about nondelidded chips. Context boys, context.
Wouldnt know, never owned kaby. I do know that at stock (on asus strix-f) it runs hotter than a max overclocked ryzen 1700 lol. Paste application quality from intel also probably varies.
The guy in questions cpu isnt delidded....
Sounds like you dont own a 8700k, these are toasty chips. I also have a ryzen 1700, i can push 1.4v into that and its still 20c cooler than a "stock" 8700k.Again "stock" in quotes because there is no standard, its going to vary by board manufacturer, bios revision, and xmp settings.
What pushed you over the limit lol?Im keeping mine cause the 5ghz bios profile seems to work quite well, and after i get my cpu back from SL it should handle 1.36v just fine.
Hey s8 owners prospective buyer here. Can you guys point me to a legit ebay seller for an s8 for 499 or less? I dont care if its used as long as there are no scratches, i just dont want a verizon model that has had a unlocked rom put on it as im not sure if all my bands would work on that model (im on cricket wireless) 499 or less is key as i have a credit card with 24 mos no interest and the limit is 500. Thanks peeps. Here is an example of what im looking for...
Ya its nothing to worry about, just a bit higher than id expect with those voltage levels. Side note, asus bios team sucks lol.
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