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What sort of CPU coolers are people using (other than water cooling and stock coolers). I have a stock cooler at the moment but i am looking to upgrade but not sure what would be best. I was looking for something around $50-$70.
Darn, it looks like installing just a 60gb ssd for the os might have been a bit silly. It seems to be filling up with files even though i am installing everything on my other drive (possible windows updates?). Does anyone have a good hard drive cloning program they can recommend in case i need to go down that path (install a larger ssd). Cheers.
this case is/will be awesome
That's a much nicer place to put the ssd's over the side panel. Do they have screw holes for them? I'd look myself but my case is at home.
Sweet, ill give that ago tonight. Cheers for that.
Hahaha that is true. I'll get some pictures up after work this afternoon, although they will be pictures of the mess it currently is and ill update with a much neater internal (hopefully). I have just ordered a white led 200mm bitfenix prodigy fan and some white braided cables.Has anyone reduced the brightness on the blue led status lights on the side? i was thinking of maybe lightly painting them..
Well i have finished my first build and i am pleased with how it turned out with only spending $900AUD on it. I still have some work to do to it (ie. replacing standard cables with some nice white braided cables, and some bigger fans as opposed to the stock two that came with the case). I did have an issue when i bought my mb and bought a micro itx mb thinking it would fit (god knows why i didn't double check the sizing, rookie error) so that really would add an extra $88...
Ah, did not see that. So i would be looking for something like the asrock z77m motherboard?
Hey all. I am new here but ive been watching this thread for a while now and i have just bought a white prodigy case to start my own build. I should start with that i have never built a pc before nor owned a desktop. My previous computer was an acer aspire 5745g laptop with a gt330m graphics card, it copped quite a beating when i start experimenting oc the graphics which ended up wrecking it (runs too hot all the time even with a cooler under it). So i have only bought...
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