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Dunno, I just read some things that made me think I made a bad purchase, your temps there though have made me excited to get it It's fine, I may have read VRM but with those temps it'll be fine anyway
Lol fair enough, I'll give it my best shot, it's got to be better than what I've got at the moment, It's arriving tomorrow so I'll fit it then Thanks for your help, I just wanted to make sure that the VRAM cooling wasn't an issue.
I'm not really aiming for high end cooling or overclocking so the bracket is kind of pointless. Do I have to put the card in the oven to get the heatsink off?
The directCUII is already a very very good aftermarket cooler, at the moment the R9-290 reference cooler sucks and is just not capable... Anyone actually used these two together and what sort of temps are you getting?
Hey all, Is this cooler any good? I've heard people moaning about the lack of memory heatsinks but I just need something that cools this card down a bit more so I can get my rated clocks. I'm not overclocking on it, I just want it to run cooler than 95C Cheers Comps
Probably wouldn't have the full instructions for running the Ivybridge processor tbh Ask him, if not, then you can't use it.
GA-Z87X-D3H Best bang for buck board.
because one is sandybridge and the other is Ivybridge, might work with a BIOS update but it's probably not recommended... If it were a PC rather than a laptop yeah, that wouldn't be an issue.
Budget? Also if you're about to blow £350 on a monitor why not get the new samsung 4k for £450
I wouldn't mind having red tubing... But other than that not really, just functional I need to cool this Demon turd I call a GPU I'll get pictures when I get home of the inside of the machine
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