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Probably wouldn't have the full instructions for running the Ivybridge processor tbh Ask him, if not, then you can't use it.
GA-Z87X-D3H Best bang for buck board.
because one is sandybridge and the other is Ivybridge, might work with a BIOS update but it's probably not recommended... If it were a PC rather than a laptop yeah, that wouldn't be an issue.
Budget? Also if you're about to blow £350 on a monitor why not get the new samsung 4k for £450
I wouldn't mind having red tubing... But other than that not really, just functional I need to cool this Demon turd I call a GPU I'll get pictures when I get home of the inside of the machine
All, Ok so I'm still trying to get this damn watercooling build sorted, I've got some bits but I'm still confused with tubing, what pump and the fittings. Can someone go to and pick some compression fittings (bitspower are the best I heard) and also some tubing (primochill) I'm also going to need some angle fittings for going from the GPU to the CPU which is directly above it, but a nice fitting will look better I thought. Cheers Comps
Money isn't too much of an issue, how much we talking about? I was going to buy a £300 case so.
Because I like to have space to work and it's going to be taking a 360mm rad and a 240mm rad, not including the 2 t-virus resI'd rather something I didn't have to cut up Yeah, I did think about that one to be honest. It's a lovely look case as well, I think I may need to sleep on it :*(
The corsair carbide is no good, too small Thought about the 750d The R2 is is a midi case The 410 seems like a nice case.... Any other recommendations on a similar size as the 900d
It's quite cramped in there though. Any other recommendations?
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