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Guys, I'm trying to follow this to get the install for the Emulex HBA's to work on WinPE I've got WinPE installed, I can't figure out what to do next since that batch file doesn't work Any ideas? Cheers Comps
Hey all, I was thinking about buying this card, I checked through my manual and can't find anything relating to booting from PCI-E devices. Will my motherboard be compatible with this card if I want to boot from it? Thanks Comps
To be honest that's what I would do, I personally don't like chrome... If you want to try to ascertain what is using it then get process explorer and then log from there.
Cool, Thanks for your help :-)
Voltage and everything looks ok? I might try to drop it a bit and see if it works
So I got my H100i, I bumped the Vcore up to 1.21 and set the multiplier to 44 Didn't change anything else, does this look ok for my haswell? Cheers Comps
Have a look at the bitfenix Collosus mini ITX too, they are pretty alright. I've got the prodigy and I've been quite happy with it
Budget please mate, if you're going to be gaming on it then you probably want to go with a decent 4 core. To be honest I'm running my sig rig and it's fine for games, I'd just go with a 4570 non-K and be done with it. Why you getting an i7 anyway?
OK there are a number of reasons for the split partitions Number one, the first partition will sit on the outside of the disk, therefore copying and moving files will be quicker I.E his video files His smaller files I.E PDF files, Will sit further inside the platter which means it's a slower part of the disk. That's the reason for 2 partitions, it splits out the larger files from the smaller files and puts them on faster or slower parts of the disk. If that still...
Sorry WD green I mean And the reason you partition it out is to ensure that the partition table for the larger files is on the outside of the disk :-)
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