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Have a look at the bitfenix Collosus mini ITX too, they are pretty alright. I've got the prodigy and I've been quite happy with it
Budget please mate, if you're going to be gaming on it then you probably want to go with a decent 4 core. To be honest I'm running my sig rig and it's fine for games, I'd just go with a 4570 non-K and be done with it. Why you getting an i7 anyway?
OK there are a number of reasons for the split partitions Number one, the first partition will sit on the outside of the disk, therefore copying and moving files will be quicker I.E his video files His smaller files I.E PDF files, Will sit further inside the platter which means it's a slower part of the disk. That's the reason for 2 partitions, it splits out the larger files from the smaller files and puts them on faster or slower parts of the disk. If that still...
Sorry WD green I mean And the reason you partition it out is to ensure that the partition table for the larger files is on the outside of the disk :-)
It won't really make too much of a difference since it just depends how often you access them. You could partition it out and put the bigger files on the first partition which would push them to the outside of the disk and then another partition for your smaller files. The WD Blue is fine for you.
Guys Sig rig is up for sale so I can pay for my mum's motorbility car since they are a bit short on cash. I've got the aftermarket cooler Arctic Accello Extreme IV or something on the R9-290. Rest is pretty stock. Cheers Comps
Has anyone actually installed one of these sucessfully? 2 hours in and it's still not done.
Again I'm not overclocking so there isn't any point, I just need something that'll make it run at it's rated speed
Awesome, thanks for your help bro :-)
Dunno, I just read some things that made me think I made a bad purchase, your temps there though have made me excited to get it It's fine, I may have read VRM but with those temps it'll be fine anyway
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