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MSI 7870 Hawk - £50 - £70 ASUS 7870 DCU2 - £50 - £70 MSI 670 PE/OC - £50 - £70 MSI 580 lightning - £40 - £55 EVGA 570 Classified (great card, 1000 core on air) - £40 (it's got the EVBOT connection on that card I believe, may be sought after) MSI 6950 PE/OC (not sure if unlocks) - not sure - £35 maybe Gigabyte 470 SOC - £20 - £30 MSI 460 Hawk (clocks to 960 on air, i have a gold cup with this card) £20 - £25
No I wouldn't, I'd wait
It makes no difference whatsoever. Both are as good as the other. I'd use a DVI and keep my display port free for further monitors
That's a lovely price GLWS
Have you checked the drivers to ensure it's got the right ones and not a default monitor. Cheers Comps
Yeah, The difference in FPS between an i7 and an i5 is negligible. Pontiac, that's actually a good idea, I forgot we're in November now so waiting 3 - 6 months would be ok. I can max out fall out 4 on ultra and get 60+ FPS so Cheers for the advice.
I was always told that the frequency is better for an AMD cpu because of the northbridge, with intel it was timings due to the IMC.
Oh don't worry about that, it's overclocked to 4.8Ghz @1.25v . The CPU won't be an issue.
Morning all, So, i'm looking into getting a new GPU as my R9-290 is slacking a bit and it's 2 years old now. I'm looking into the GTX970 SLi or a single 980ti, which would be the better option? I'm guessing the 970SLi. OR should I get another R9-290 and go xfire? Cheers Comps
By the way, need this gone by tomorrow, this is quite the urgent sale.
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