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Hey dude, Right, overclocking a laptop is always a bad plan due to the heat it pumps out, that's far from a gaming laptop so running witcher 3 in 1080 even on low will hammer your GPU. If you want to game, can I recommend a low spec build with a high end GPU. something like an i5 6400 with a low end motherboard which doesn't ioverclock, and then wait for either the AMD Vega which I'm guessing will push the prices of the other GPU's down so you could get something for a...
Yeah, they are a few thousand with disks, I think the entry level is £800 which would do what I need. I've given up and decided to get 4 WD reds and throw those in a RAID 5 array Thanks though
How much thermal paste did he put on? Also, I've read some reviews for that cooler and it should be more than enough for that sort of setup on stock. Can you take a picture of the mounting so we can see if it's flush etc?
Go to devmgmt.mscRight click the deviceCLick detailsGet the hardware IDPaste it hereWait for me to get driversPROFIT!
I laughed, my colleagues laughed, everyone laughed, I screenshotted it and sent it to the service desk, they all laughed, a cretin or two said windows 10 was superior, I had them fired...
Morning all, I've been looking for a decent NAS for me to use for storage (funny that), I'm going to need around 20TB of disk space in a RAID5 array. I'd rather have a UNIX os and preferably something that I can use a high level of encryption, preferably AES 256 bit as a minimum (not sure if you can get 512bit). I'll populate with 4TB disks so I'll need to fit at least 5 I'll be wanting to stream 4k from it, running most of my movies, music and documentation from it and...
Hey dude, Right so if you're doing video editing I would go with Ryzen, however, your GPU is pretty entry level at best, could you go for the GTX1060 6GB, that would be a much nicer card. If not, I would drop over to an i5 and get a better GPU for the Cuda cores ;-) Cheers Comps
the high end i5's yes, they are quad cores without hyperthreading, he's probably going to want teh HT for the video editing
You're not reading correctly That's not an i7 That is an i5 Give me a link to the laptop with that in
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